Overcoming the Wall of Resistance in your FBA Business




The internet is filled with get-rich-quick tips, with Warrior Forums’s filled with promises of fast cash and yacht – living.  And I am not going to say those things are impossible, because I don’t really believe anything is impossible with the right combination of effort and skills (both of which are the responsibility of the beholder, and both can be learned).

I will say, however, that in terms of pure time commitment, from my experience, FBA is the quickest entrance into the realm of e-commerce.  It has a very small cost of entry, and can be done in just hours per week.

And money can be made, which, basically, is the reason for throwing your hat in this arena in the first place.

It is getting beyond the wall of self doubt, of this-can’t-be-real, of why-would-anyone-pay-15 for ___, of disbelief that you can actually make money reselling anything, it is getting past this negativity we are conditioned to think in that makes the biggest difference.

There will always be walls and barriers to most everything that we do in business.  Some are real, legit hurdles like taxes and book-keeping, or how to handle slow moving inventory, but so many are in our own heads, like wanting everything now, or just everyday obstacles.

So what normally happens?

Normally people find us on facebook from word of mouth, or through a friend saying “I did 7k in sales last month on Amazon,” and they start reading.  And reading.  And reading.

And reading.

And let me preface the rest of this by saying READING is something I do constantly.  I never stop reading and trying to learn, about FBA, Amazon, E-commerce in general, Entrepreneurship, personal finance, self help and development, and inspiration in general.  So I am in no way knocking the act of reading, which also I use to mean LEARNING.

What I am knocking though, is reading without action.  Like driving without gas.  Like writing without a pen.  Like dancing without the stars.  You know?


So once we work through our paralysis by analysis stage, that leaves us as a new and small seller, slightly intimidated by the entire process still.

And then some sales come, slow trickles, part because we are still hesitant about what we buy, how we source, when to ship, and how much money we are willing to spend.11885362_10203532092743205_5696633063637433781_n

Constant stories about about how life changing this can be, about making thousands extra per month, screenshots of $1000 sales days.

All of this seems possible and far-fetched at the same time.

But then……………………..

It happens.

I am not sure how or when it happened for me, it was more of a realization than a specific moment of occurrence.

One day I simply realized not only was this entire process working EXACTLY as I had read it would, but I was now a part of it.  All the reading I did paid off, but not nearly as much as all the action I took.  All the mistakes I made, little stuff like wrong shipping labels and lower priced items, underestimating shipping fees, figuring out pack and ship time, all the things I needed experience to realize and work through.  All these things we now worth it, and infinitely more valuable than the “book” learning I did.

Do not be confused, the learning is and always will be a cornerstone piece as I build my empire.  However, it is magnified ten fold by taking action and doing.

And as I have turned this corner for myself, in my FBA business, it has become common place to walk into a Walmart and drop over $1000, or to spend $500 on OA before most people even wake up in the morning.  The amount of money I spend becomes simply a benchmark for how successful my sales have become.

And as the sales grow, so does the amount of money I spend.



The cycle is perpetual and it grows.

It all happens as a result of surpassing my own blocks, for pushing through my own resistance to my initial lack of understanding on how the process of arbitrage can actually work.


Plain and simple.

But first you must take the time to educate yourself, but quickly, because the longer you sit out the longer it takes you to cross your own wall.

The results speak for themselves.

I leave you with a few questions.

What is holding you back?  Have you started but stalled?  Are you in the low hundreds per week and trying to reach the next level?  What do you need in order to level up your own business?

Start discussion below, and let’s see if we can help each other move forward.

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  1. Thank you for the article! Knowing that other people have stalled out makes me feel a bit like I can overcome it too. I have been doing FBA for 4 months, $600 to $1300 to $6000 to $8000 and this month probably $8K+ Looks good, but I have hit a wall big time! I want to double that number by incorporating OA and replenishables. I have made so many mistakes. From ordered fake product from Thailand, to spending hours upon hours staring at my computer to not find a single item, to buying $500 worth of Dixie cups only to realize they didn’t come with lids. Ugh! I feel like throwing in the towel with OA. I’m either doing this all wrong, or this learning process is normal… Either way it’s super discouraging!

  2. Thanks Chris for all your advice , very inspiring!
    I’ve registered with Fbamasters a week ago and I guess I’m going through the analysis paralysis stage only because OA seems a bit complicated ; too many
    tools, time consuming , unless if I become an expert with all : keepa tractor
    Camel camel camel. RA seems doable, less of a risk.

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