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You know what Retail Arbitrage is, and you may even be doing it now.  You buy something at a lower price and resell it on Amazon or eBay to make a profit.  You may even buy certain products in bulk if the retailer allows it, just to resell it for a profit locally or on another website.

Welcome to retail arbitrage – a gig that people have been doing for centuries to help capture additional income, or even start a full fledged business.

If you are into retail arbitrage, then you likely know how time consuming it can be to find products at a discount before flipping them on Amazon or eBay.  People who have been doing retail arbitrage for a while, likely already know that PriceBlink is one of the top free browser extensions to help find the best opportunities to resell products.

If you have been in this space for a while and haven’t tried it yet, then I’m going to show you how much eaiser it can make your life.  For those of you just starting out, I would consider PriceBlink to be “must have” software that will help you become profitable much earlier than hunting for products on your own.

What does PriceBlink Do?

Allen Edmonds PriceBlink FBA MasterPriceBlink is a browser extension that automatically checks prices for each item on Amazon or any retail website, against other online retail websites when you view the item.  The browser plugin was designed to help retail shoppers find the best deal for the product they are shopping for at the lowest price.

For retail arbitrage, it’s a helpful plugin because it makes it possible to identify if there are sellers that own the buy box for the item which can be purchased for a lower price elsewhere.

Priceblink is also extremely accurate when it comes to price comparison results, which is important when you consider that you’ll need accurate pricing if you are actually going to save yourself some time.  There’s no point in researching a product if the tool you are using displays incorrect pricing – that will actually cost you more time than it will save.  The pricing data is on par if not better than similar tools that come with a paid subscription.

How does PriceBlink save me time?

Instead of using a “hunt and peck” method of finding products, you can easily identify where there are easier products to purchase for a lower amount and then flip/resell them right back on Amazon.  Because it’s a browser extension, it also saves you the time of having to login to a 3rd party software tool on another website, enter ASINs and hope for the best.  Instead, it shows you real time prices for the item you are looking at, across platforms.

What other features does PriceBlink have?

  • PriceBlink’s comparison includes shipping and tax, so you get an all in estimate on price when you are trying to find arbitrage opportunities
  • On Amazon, PriceBlink let’s you know if t here’s a cheaper 3rd party seller than what’s showing in the buy-box. In many cases, the Amazon buy box isn’t the cheapest price when you consider tax and shipping
  • It makes it seamless and easy to get from Amazon’s product page to the same product page for other retailers (just hover and click)
  • It takes coupons into consideration which can find additional arbitrage opportunities
  • It’s available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Over 2 Million Customers

How can I use PriceBlink effectively in my business?

PriceBlink is normally targeted as a discount app for consumers.  They want you to find the best possible deal for your money, no matter which retailer you buy from.  That’s why it makes a great tool to use for arbitrage on Amazon.  The plugin is not specifically designed for marketers, so the typical consumer is the primary market for this software.

There are other types of software that do similar things, but PriceBlink is free, which means it’s easy for anyone that’s just getting started out in retail arbitrage to install and just test it out to see if it works in their business.

How does PriceBlink work?

Priceblink Coupons
Priceblink allows you to see coupons available depending on the retailer.

Here’s the quickest way to get PriceBlink up and working on your browser.  It’s actually quite simple.

  1. First, you’ll need to download the extension. You can grab it free at PriceBlink.com, and download it directly to your Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded it, next you’ll navigate to your favorite shopping site.
  3. Next, pick a product that you want to purchase, or something you think you’d want to resell in your arbitrage business.
  4. Next, once you are on the product page, you’ll see that it has a drop down, where you can select “compare prices.”
  5. Click that drop down, and you’ll see that PriceBlink finds you multiple online retail channels to compare product prices with the current retailer you are shopping for.
  6. You can click any one of the retailers on the drop down, and it will take you directly to that product page to purchase it.
  7. You’ll also notice if there are any discount coupons available (see screen shot below) in the navigation bar. You may not be able to use arbitrage by utilizing the coupon function, but hey – if you are in the market for a washer or dryer, it might save you a few bucks.

It should be noted that not “all” online retailers are part of the PriceBlink plugin – but it does work on over 650 sites, and pulls prices from thousands of stores.  This only makes things harder if you are browsing specialty shops where products may or may not be more widely available on generic ecommerce sites.  It’s extremely useful for larger sites, that have their data scanned by the plugin.

Should you use PriceBlink?

Personally, we think you should use PriceBlink even if you are just looking to save a few bucks when making your next online purchase.  I mean, it’s free to install, so there’s really no reason to ignore saving a few bucks.  When it comes to retail arbitrage, this is an excellent plugin, especially for people just starting out.  It’s hard to beat free if you are on a tight budget.

While there are other software products out there that have more functionality, automation and data, those applications typically cost quite a bit more and may be out of reach price-wise for people just dipping their feet in the retail arbitrage business.  Their price comparison feature is extremely accurate and will ensure that you are one step ahead of your competitors, and it’s pretty much impossible to beat the fact that it’s free compared to other workflow tools.

Check out the free version of Price Blink right here.

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