Stop Analysis Paralysis, It Helps Nobody




Ever hear of analysis paralysis?

analysis apralysis

This is not an uncommon occurrence in wishers and dreamers everywhere.

How does this apply to you, the fba seller?

Hopefully it doesn’t, but perhaps it does.  It is not something I can answer for you, but I can hopefully guide you along with a few questions and see where you are on the issue.

Have you studied everything you can find on fba, over and over, read every intro guide and blog post twice, and are just about ready to ship in some product?

If you answer yes to this, then I have to say, you really need to just send something in.

While it is true that there are rules to begin this business, and Amazon is definitely not the kindest when it comes to dealing with rulebreakers, it is also true that there is no teacher like experience.

If you have already read all of our intro posts (if you haven’t sign up here) and are still not shipping product, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.  You are ready, but not moving forward.

What are you waiting for?

Are you still trying to find more product?  You can find stuff with OA or with RA.




Ever hear of that thing called shiny object syndrome?

This plagues so many entrepreneur style business people.

Jumping from ship to ship, from new idea to new idea, and nothing ever happens or starts.

This can definitely apply to FBA sellers if they aren’t careful.

We want toys for q4 until we hear the latest wholesale craze which is going great until we read an article about PL and decide to PL something now instead of checking out at Toys R Us with that cart filled with toys that we got from our list we pay for so that we can save time in OA but really we just want to bundle stuff up from Target clearance but we don’t because we don’t have time because we are trying to finish the class from the that guy promised if we just listened to him we would retire in 38 days.

Or, you know, we can just make a plan.  It doesn’t have to be written in a stone tablet, it can be fluid enough like the ranking system and change as we grow and change.

The most important part here is to take action.  On the task at hand.

Determine your goals.

Make a plan.


Like this guy:


This is a solid plan, with loosely based goals in place.  And as he learns how to move forward in the basics of RA and OA, this plan may possibly change.  It is not a haphazard plan, but rather a deliberate pre-conceived course of action to follow

The thing to remember is the plan may change as a result of taking deliberate action, and that is ok.  It will not simply change due to inaction, or from jumping into a different course because of the excitement and buzz created from thinking about something new!


Waiting for the right number of products to complete your first box?

Have you seen some of those videos on dimensional shipping and are afraid to mess up your inbound freight costs?

Do you have 37 items but are waiting on 50 to ship out?

Are you waiting for a calm 78 degree day, with perfect sun shining through your perfect windows?

Let me put it this way:


So basically, don’t wait for perfection.

(Because I’m already here silly goose’s.)

The timing will never be right, the stars will NEVER be aligned.

Send in what you got, and let’s start and grow from this point on.

Here is exactly how to create your first shipment, if you are still struggling.

Here is the point.


Make Plan

Take Action

Do not be confused, it is easy to jump ship and fall prey to the next best thing.

But don’t.

Stay the course, and you will be rewarded.  Continue to move forward.


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