Tactical Arbitrage Mini Lessons – Filters: Part #2




In conjunction with the free training course (found here), I am going to be doing short mini lessons over different aspects of Tactical Arbitrage. As always, you can get your free trial of Tactical Arbitrage here.

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Mini Lesson – Filters: Part #2

We are going to keep moving right down the search page and talk about 5 more parameters you can set on Tactical Arbitrage.

First, we need a screenshot.

These are the next 5 parameters that you see on the search screen.

#1 is a pretty basic check box that will allow you to remove oversized items from your results. You could think of it with this statement:

If a product is oversized, please remove it from my final results.

#2 is a check box that can actually be used two different ways. First you can check the box and it will remove a result if the store you are searching doesn’t have the item in stock. Basically it says:

If the store I am searching is out of stock, don’t analyze the product.

Note: This is limited to the stores below.

The other way this box can be used is if you leave it unchecked. If you do this, you will actually return the items that are out of stock. This might sound counterintuitive, but it will actually give you a list of items that are no longer available online, but are still profitable if you are able to find them in a store (a.k.a. you can build a scouting report of BOLOs for your retail arbitrage exploration).

#3 is another check box that can help you stop a sourcing mistake before it happens. It basically says this:

If the listing on Amazon doesn’t have size or weight data, please remove the item from my results.

Since weight and size are used to determine a handful of fulfillment fees (such as shipping and storage), the lack of data in the listing can actually harm a reseller as the calculated ROI might not be correct.

#4 is a check box that gets used by those who have been screwed by being on listing with Amazon. It basically says:

If Amazon is on the listing AND is in stock, please remove it from my results.

This prevents you from getting into sticky situations with the Buy Box and a race to the bottom with Amazon.

#5 allows you to say the following:

If a product is selling for less than XXXXX on Amazon, remove them from my results.


If a product is selling for more than XXXXX on Amazon, keep them in my results.

Since it is not super profitable to sell items that sell for under $5, you can speed up your sourcing by removing them all together from your results.


See all of our FREE training material for Tactical Arbitrage here.

As always, you can get your free trial of Tactical Arbitrage here.

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