The 4 Shits of Amazon

*Note: This was inspired by a little rant I went on this morning. If you don’t like foul language, well suck it 🙂

For any person who would like to sell via FBA on Amazon, there is some shit you need to know. Actually. There are 4 shits you need to know. I’m not sure if I can break this shit down any easier than this, so read up and click the shit that I link to (seriously – take some effort and click the links).

#1 – Scan Shit


The only way you are going to learn what items sell for is by scanning them. I mean. You have to scan so much shit that you would win every round of Price Is Right. You need to know what shit is valuable and what is worthless shit. Go down a shit ton of aisles in a store and scan all the shit you can find. If you make money on the shit, then buy that shit. If not, put that shit back on the shelf.

Wonder what I look for while scanning shit? Look here:

Wonder what Mike looks for while scanning shit?

Wonder what John does when he is out doing shit with his wife? Look here:

Need a kick in the nads to get you started sourcing? Look here:

Want to know how much shit you should buy? Look here:

Are you to lazy to scan a ton of items? Look here:

Want others to scan shit for you? Look here:

Want to make scanning shit easier? Look here:

Want to scan shit on the other side of a glass case? Look here:

Want to know how Jake bought a bunch of shit and made money? Look here:

#2 – Prep Shit


Prepping shit is simple. Make sure you shit is in new condition when it reaches the final customer. If you shit can break, bubble wrap it. If you shit can tear, poly bag it. If you shit can fall apart, tape it and poly bag it. If you don’t know what to do with your shit, wrap it like you would a sharp corner for a small child. It’s always better to be safe then sorry, but just make sure your shit doesn’t break. Plain and simple.

Want to learn a few tips from a prepping expert? Look here:

Want to save some time prepping and shipping shit? Look here:

Ever wonder how much it costs you to prep your shit? Look here:

#3 – Ship Shit


If you prepped your shit like you were supposed to, shipping that shit is actually quite easy. You tell Amazon what shit you are going to send in and they will tell you where to send that shit. Then you put the shit in a box, weigh that shit, and slap a label on it. Then you put your shit on your porch for the UPS man to pick it up.

Don’t know how to create a shipment? Look here:

Want to save some time prepping and shipping shit? Look here:

Buy things online and don’t want to mess with that shit? Then send that shit to SimplePricePrep and they will handle your shit for you.

#4 – Sell Shit


This seems simple, but people have the most trouble with this shit. Buy shit low and sell shit high. Sell you shit before the price tanks. The more shit you send in, the more shit that sells.

Wonder why it is important to sell shit? Look here:

Worried about the cost of what it took to get your shit? Look here:

Wonder how much shit you need to sell? Look here:

Wonder how you can make money doing this shit? Look here:

Wonder if you should raise or lower your prices? Look here:

Wonder why people race to the bottom of shit mountain? Look here:

I’m going to throw one more shit in there.

#5 – Repeat that shit.

repeat shit

Repeat what works and don’t repeat the shit that doesn’t. Pretty soon your going to be really good at scanning, prepping, shipping, and selling shit.

Get it? The only way we learn and make money is by doing shit. So take action and get some shit done.

Now that we have got that shit out of the way, get out there and get your shit together Carol!


Oh wait. There is more shit.

If you really want some deep shit about the theory behind why FBA works, then read the shit below:

Your wishes in one and hand and shit in the other…Which is better? Look here:

Wonder why you do this shit? Look here:

Wonder why you do this shit – Part 2? Look here:

Wonder why John does this shit? Look here:

Should you quit doing this shit? Look here:

Are you thinking about too much shit? Look here:

Think that this sell is a get rich scheme? Look here:

Want to know all my secret shit? Look here:

Want to expand your knowledge about shit? Look here:

Want some motivational shit? Look here:

And for those of you counting the number of times “shit” was typed in this post, the answer is 79 times.


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    Well, shit. Thanks, Chris 🙂

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    That’s some good shit! Thanks..

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    I seriously love Chris and shit…

  • February 5, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    “Don’t like foul language? Then Suck it.”

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    That’s the best shit I have ever heard!

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    I love this shit! Thanks for posting this shit. Every time I read an article about this shit, it helps my shit.

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    Holy shit, that was funny!

  • February 6, 2016 at 12:07 am

    I do believe you have found the “secret” that so many people have been looking for!! There should be no more questions, confusion or misunderstanding of the FBA process.

    You’ve done good today!

  • February 6, 2016 at 2:19 am

    Good shit. I think this will help me get a better grasp on Dickazon.

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    in this case, your diarrhea doesn’t need to a prescription…nice job!

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    That’s some great shit!


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