The Stupid Easy Method To Write Descriptions For Merch By Amazon Designs




I was literally just talk to my good friend John Cyscon III and he said something that stuck me about his Merch by Amazon account.

I just keep trying to load. But I do hate the keywords.


That got me thinking.

We have a very popular post here on the blog titled: Mastering Keywords for Merch by Amazon

This post is great, but it is pretty intense.

And if there is one thing I have learned about life, it is:

People are inherently lazy.

As online entrepreneurs, we are more driven than the majority of the population. Even though this is true, it’s still nice to make things as easy as possible.

So here we go. It’s my stupid easy method to write descriptions for Merch by Amazon designs (note: this isn’t the most effective way to write these, but it’s better than doing nothing…John….). 

To determine what keywords for your merch by amazon listing and product descriptions, you can do a few different things: Make it up, do research using a tool like Merch Informer or WordCandy, or from competitor research or another keyword tool. A big aspect of writing product descriptions is making sure you get all of the powerful keywords in there (while also not sounding like a robot).

Brand name

For the brand name, take your primary keyword (the one that best represents the shirt and topic area) and do this:


That’s it.

Title of Product

We are going to take the brand name and then add a little more to it. The formula looks like this:


Feel free to adjust it as you see fit, but try to be short and sweet.

Bullet Points

Look at that, we are already halfway there!

We will want to utilize both bullet point fields, so I use a formula like this:

Bullet Point #1: A sentence describing the type of person who would wear this shirt. Use your primary keyword and your third keyword. Keyword stuffing isn’t going to help here.

Bullet Point #2: Explain the activities people wearing this shirt would enjoy. Use your secondary keyword and your fourth keyword. Again, keyword stuffing isn’t going to help here.


This is the one you are dreading the most; how to write a good amazon description. The box is so big and that means you actually need to type something. I promise we will make it easy.

We are looking for 4 sentences here. The formula looks something like this:

A sentence that includes keyword #1. A sentence that includes keyword #2. A sentence that includes keyword #3. A sentence that includes keyword #4.

That’s it.

Now let do an example together.

Here is the design (randomly pulled from Amazon):

The four keywords I am going to focus on are:

1 – Mother’s Day

2 – Mom of Boys

3 – Mother

4 – Mom

(These are picked at random for this example)

Brand name

Mother’s Day Tees

Title of Product

Mother’s Day Tees: Mom of Boys With Cupid’s Arrow And Heart T-Shirt

Bullet Points


Bullet Point #1: This mother’s day, give your mother the gift she deserves after putting away your laundry and cleaning your room for your whole childhood.

Bullet Point #2: A mom of boys knows that her boys will always be hungry and this mom will have to drive them to practice all through school.


Mother’s day is a time to celebrate the most wonderful woman in your life. A mom of boys should be able to take it easy and spend time alone or with her family. A mother always showers her boys with love as they grow up. And there is no better way to tell your mom you love her than this t-shirt.

As I stated before, this is not the most effective method for writing descriptions, but it’s freaking easy.

I hope that helps out a little bit (here’s looking to you Johnny Boy)!


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