The Wilkey Magic

So this was a part of a Facebook promotion where we asked our followers to post a topic and we would write about it. Jennifer Coulson requested that I write a post about the “magic” that is a part of the Wilkey surname. To get started, I would like to share a wonderful picture of the Wilkey Family.



1. We are not a magic family. We might wear shirts that are matching and showcase various Christmas shows, but we are just your typical family.

2. The bald guy is the one responsible for all of this FBA madness. I got an email one day that said “You might be interested in this.” It was episode 99 of the Smart Passive Income podcast and I listened to it on my way to work. That is the root cause of the FBA Master blog, Facebook page, and everything else related to our family.

3. The only one that doesn’t know how to source (like a pro) is my sister Keersten.

4. We run out of data on our cell phone plan every month. #sourcingproblems

5. We love each other and work together no matter what.

6. Karl is a part of this picture, but he is hiding in the other room. His sister Layla is the photogenic one (and she is better at sourcing).

The point is:

We are some magic family. We are a family from the middle of a cornfield that figured out how to make money online. We work together and share our knowledge because we want everyone to succeed. There is no secret ingredient:


We try our best to be ourselves and live life to the fullest. Everything else happens because we are open to opportunity and we do not settle for the status quo.

Until Next Time,


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