Why Amazon Isn’t Your Winning Ticket




Let’s face it.

After you sold your first item on Amazon, you found your winning ticket.

I can literally walk into any store and make money. The world is my oyster and all I have to do is scan, ship, and sell.

I just won the f***ing lottery (I’m going to warn you, I’m censoring my language now, but it might get bad later).

You might have just won the lottery, but have you ever heard the stories of those lottery winners that end up on the streets?

Do you know why this happens?!?!

Because people don’t know how to handle money. Follow this progression why don’t you….

I want to be able to pay off a debt.

I take some money and I start making some profit.

I take this money and I start saving to accomplish my goal.

Once I hit this goal, I set another goal.

It’s a goal to goal lifestyle.

Guess what. This doesn’t work.

The people who are truly successful in business are the ones who let their money make money.

If I am able to make $10 from a $5 product, should I be happy with that?

Most of us are beyond happy. We get so excited and we share it with the world saying “I JUST MADE 200% ROI.”

Here is how a business mind works….

I just made $10. How can I use that that $10 to make $20?

Well there are two different ways to make money.

#1 – You can invest in more inventory and keep the money ball moving forward.

#2 – You can invest this profit into something that will bring you a passive income.

I used to be in the mindset that I would always invest into more inventory, but I have changed my tune.

If you take a look at what I am doing right now, you would be very confused.

I am taking my profits and investing into my knowledge. I am taking courses to get my MBA and I am also taking courses to learn software coding.

Why? Shouldn’t I take this money and invest in more inventory?

Well yes, but you should always invest in multiple streams of income.

What is one day Amazon says: You are no longer allowed to sell on our marketplace.

What are you going to do?

Are you going to sit there are cry?

No – You should be working on one of your other streams of income.


Ask yourself: What can you do with your profits to make yourself invaluable? Comment below with how you plan to invest in yourself and diversify your skill set.


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