Why It Sucks To Be A Guru.




You guys know that I hate the word “guru,” but I’m going to use it to write this post.

As we have said many of times in the past, FBA Master was never meant to be an almost 10k member Facebook or a blog with a ton of great content. If you think that we somehow engineered this from a master plan that took years and years of research, you are dead wrong. Over the last 1.5 years, I have had some extremely high highs and some really low lows in regards to the blog and the community we have built.

But let’s just cut the shit and let you know what it is really like to be a “guru”

  1. You are always “being watched.” I mean, what I say is heard by thousands of people everyday. If I say something stupid, someone might actually take my advice. I’m not kidding.
  2. With #1 being said, I always feel responsible for the success of your business. If you fail, I honestly take it personally. Think of it like a teacher in a classroom. They never want to see someone fail.
  3. If you give stuff away for free, you lose. If you charge for stuff, you lose. No matter what you do, you lose. Think about our BOLO lists. If I charge a ton of money, people say we are “selling out.” If I give it out for free, people say we are “crashing the market.” I cannot win no matter what I do.
  4. You are expected to make more than everyone else. Guess what. I don’t. I know that I am a great teacher, but I like to spread my income around. I don’t sell as much as you do. I know that and I am ok with it.
  5. We are grouped into the FBA community at large. As much as it sucks, when 1 person does something wrong, the implications spread to us (seen and unseen).
  6. You feel bad if you slow down on content. Honestly, I would love to get as much content as possible to you, but I just can’t. I am only one person and there are only so many hours in a day.
  7. You are constantly asked for things. Will you help me raise money for this? Can you teach me to do this? Can I advertise my product in your group? Etc, etc.
  8. People are scared of talking to you. Seriously. It’s like I have been promoted to CEO in a corner office and there are guard dogs outside. Guess what. I am just a normal person.
  9. You are stuck in the middle. When a conversation turns negative in one of our groups, we are forced to the middle. Do you censor the conversation or do you let it go? What are the implications of each side?
  10. Failure is an option, but doesn’t sit well with others. What if I told you I lost my Amazon account (like I did in May)? Would you still follow my advice? Well we know the answer is yes, because you are still here, but do you get the picture?

So I assume most of you are wondering:

Why in the hell do you do this then Chris?

When you see a post like this, you realize it is all worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.27.27 PM

If I can help one person achieve this kind of success, then I will keep on keeping on.


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  1. I began my foray into FBA kinda by accident, Chris. I was intrigued by your videos early on about AZ-AZ flips. I truly couldn’t fathom it, or how it could be successful. While I don’t incorporate AZ flips in my business plan any more (sometimes works, but more often it didn’t pan out for me), I *just* yesterday passed the $10k in 30 day mark. This is from doing $200 OA buys, RA replens, bundling, multi-packs, and just recently wholesale sourcing. And it wouldn’t have happened without help from you, Mike, and other long timers at the FB group!
    So, add another success story to your list.

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