You Don’t Need A Merch By Amazon Account To Make Money With Print On Demand




Do you know how many people have said the following?

I would love to make extra money from Merch by Amazon, but I don’t have an account!?!?!?

What if I told you that you didn’t have to have a Merch by Amazon account to sell items on Amazon (without having to buy inventory)?

Meet Printful.

They just announced today a new integration with Amazon allowing you to create listing and print items on demand through your Amazon seller account.

The smarter entrepreneurs are going to look past just t-shirt and creating multiple products across marketplaces across the world.

The even smarter ones are taking us up on the Merch Dojo offer (with bonuses) and learning the best methods to scale so they take that knowledge and grow their own passive business without having to wait for an invitation.

So. Think about it. Don’t let the lack of a Merch by Amazon account stop you from getting started in the print on demand space!

Do it here (you have until midnight tomorrow): https://www.merchdojo.com/join?affiliate_id=1018527


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