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cordeliaSpecial podcast with Chris Wilkey and Cordelia Blake (bottom of the page!).  If you’re not familiar with Cordelia, you’re probably missing out.  I spent an hour or so yesterday listening to a conversation between Cordelia and Chris Green and then nearly another hour listening to her talk to Chris Wilkey.  She’s one of those people who accidentally gives away more good information than some gurus give away on purpose.  Do yourself a favor and listen to the podcast on your drive home, while you’re peeling stickers, or with some earphones the next time your child wants to practice his burgeoning drumming craft.


The reason we hosted Cordelia this week is that her List It or Leave It classes and workshops are starting April 13th.   I’ve known about this for several weeks now but I could not bring it to you because I need to make sure that I only bring quality content.  When I heard that this was starting up, I reached out to Cordelia and asked to see a video recording of the previous session so I could ensure the quality was top of the line.  Beyond that, I reached out to several other big sellers, including some who had been through her workshops.  Across the line, I heard good things and my experience with the video was solid.  As such, I’m excited to be able to direct some FBAMasters to her workshop.


First, the details:

Classes are offered LIVE on Wednesdays at 2pm AND 9pm EST April 13th, 20th, and 27th.

The 3 LABS are on Fridays on April 15th (2pm), 22nd (9pm), and 29th (2pm).

Students are encouraged to attend LIVE although all sessions are recorded and available to registered students.


Second, the content:

  • Learn WHY and HOW to bring a new bundle, multipack, or single Item to Amazon. They can be sourced on a low budget via OA, RA or WS.
  • We cover specific strategies for anticipating customer demand and creating your own replens (replentishable items) and holiday best sellers.
  • Demonstrations are given on how to source products from idea to ordering will be given as well as specific ideas on how to get started.
  • We will also cover the basics of photography, creating listings and promotions.
  • All students are given actionable content so that they can create products and become profitable quickly


Third, the price:
Anyone who has ever gotten a quote for coaching will instantly realize the value.  There’s going to be 3 instructive classes and 3 workshops where students can ask relevant questions they have and get coaching from the best.  Let’s call this 6 hours at $199 or $33/hr.  Just a hint: my personal coaching rate is in the triple digits per hour, and even then, I refuse almost every offer I get.


Fourth, the discount:

You folks know I’m going to go to bat for you, even if I think it’s worth more than $199.  Cordelia graciously offered a coupon code of 10% off for anybody in our group who gets signed up.  Please don’t go sharing this to all of the other groups, but if you found this article, take advantage of the FBAMASTER coupon code to save yourself $20.

Fifth, the audience:

Who should take this class?  

  1. People who are tired of finding good products only to see prices tank.
  2. People who want a business strategy beyond scan items and buy when profitable
  3. People who reached a plateau in their business and need a plan to take it to the next level
  4. People who are buying a few items at a time and want to figure out how to scale up.
  5. People who can take a plan and execute it
  6. People who can attend the workshops (don’t get wrong, you can still benefit from the recordings, but you’re going to get more out of it if you are actively participating, asking questions, getting feedback, and following up.  Honestly, it’s worth taking a personal day at work to be there, in my opinion.)

If you read these and you’re nodding along, go sign up and save your $20 with FBAMASTER code.

Who should NOT take this class?

  1. People for whom spending money for education is personally unacceptable.  Hey, I know some of you are out there.  I’m not going to convince you to invest in your business education in this post, so let’s just be honest about it.
  2. People committed to the thrifting model.  There are aspects of this class that might prove helpful, but I think you’d miss out on a lot of value if you aren’t at least open to some other sourcing options.
  3. People who will not implement change, not matter what they hear.  The old saying is true, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  If you know you’re the kind of person who always knows what to do but never does it, don’t pay $179 and hope things are different this time.  Work on yourself.  Cordelia will be back in 4-6 months I’m sure and you can benefit at that time, but don’t waste your money.
  4. People who cannot currently tolerate growth in their business.  Some will laugh at this, but the fact is that some people are so swamped that it makes no sense to focus on adding more revenue streams.  They should focus on their operations and when they get a handle on it, they can come back for this in the future.
  5. People who aren’t going to attend classes or workshops.  I’ve done teaching-based things for long enough to make you a virtual promise: There’s going to be at least 1 person who pays for this class and manages to not go to a single class or workshop and doesn’t watch them on recording.  It sounds dumb, but I promise you there will be one.  Don’t be that one.

If you’re reading these and realizing that more than one applies to you, don’t sign up.  Listen to her podcast, be active in the facebook groups, work on some areas and come back in the future when you’re ready to benefit from the class.


Sixth, the takeaway:

If this class is for you, make sure you go get signed up ASAP (classes start Wednesday the 13th!) and save $20 with code FBAMASTER.


Seventh, the podcast:




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