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Every week it seems we get a pretty sizable chunk of people asking us to promote something, to showcase some new product, group, whatever.

Most time I just reply with a no thanks, and end it with that.

A few months ago, however, one caught my eye.  Because it wasn’t necessarily an Amazon or FBA related product, but it was one that had potential to make a difference.

It is called Splender.

It is a cashback site, like others before, and others to come after.

I was emailed by a man named Garrett Rent, who runs the marketing end of things for them.  He suggested that I give the site a look, but first I emailed him right back and said this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.59.41 AM

During my OA sessions, I generally use ebates, topcashback, and really that is it. I was going to mess with Dubli last year, but I never did, because I had heard too many complaints so I didn’t proceed.  I have no experience of my own with them, however.

But back to Splender.

So Garrett responded, rather quickly, and here is what he said:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.46.32 AM

The response was pretty good, considering I really wasn’t too interested in the site or another cash back site option.

But one item really stuck out, and is what made me happy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.17.24 AM

Ebates has been the cash back portal I use the most frequently, and I believe it is in large part because of their toolbar extension.  They make it ridiculously simple to track and to remember.

But…..I HATE how long I wait for my Ebates money.

Enter : Splender

Let me just say this is an affiliate link, HOWEVER I did not write this post until two full pay terms passed for me, so I could make sure it went as promised.

In my personal account, I make purchases like normal, using Splender as a portal to enter into my OA store of choice.  I make purchase, and a few days later my account is credited.  The “catch” is they wait 45 days for it to be payable.  So the first month my payout was like $1.88, but the second was $298.  And I still use ebates and top cash back as well.  It only takes a few seconds to check the rates.

For this month, Walmart was 2% at Splender and 1% at top cash and ebates (it is currently 8% at top cash back though, so if you are making a Walmart OA purchase the time is now!)

That extra percent on all my Walmart buys is my electric bill.  So it was well worth it.  Or this week, for example, Sephora was 8% and I have several replens I purchase online from them.  Normally I get 4% from ebates, but this is a significant chunk more.

Cash flow is important, it has been stated over and over by people.

For me, it was a benefit to get a new cashback portal that pays out monthly.  I enjoy getting my money as fast and as often as possible.

Plus…….they are familiar with FBA and resellers, and while they do not market to resellers specifically, they understand the needs of us as a group (Dubli for example it is specifically against their TOS to purchase as a reseller) and that is important.

If you are interested in giving it a try, go through our link : http://fbuy.me/dK0ka.  We get a small commission, and you get a $5 bonus upon completion of your first purchase of $50 dollars from a partnered site (of which there are far more than I ever even heard of).

If you are interested, but not wanting to use our link, its cool, we still love you.  https://www.splender.com should take you where you need to go.

If you are not interested, no worries!  Sorry for wasting your time (although it is unlikely you will still be reading at this point).

If you are hungry, like me, go grab some steak and eggs.  Because that sounds really yummy right now.


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