EmberCoin (EMB) Was A Lost Opportunity




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There are always a ton of amazing success stories that are posted by people buy and selling cryptocurrency. They make us feel good and can teach us a thing or two along the way, but I have always found I can lear more from a mistake than a success.

So let’s talk about an investing mistake I made a few weeks back.

I had some profit I earned in LiteCoin (LTC) and I was looking for a long term play that could have some serious upside. As I was doing my research, I noticed a coin called EmberCoin (EMB).

It had some serious upside. Back in October, it was running at 0.00000200 and it was priced at 0.00000001.

I knew something had to be up with it, but I didn’t do any hardcore research and figured I would take a gamble and buy some (note: This isn’t a smart strategy – Always do your own research).

So I bought roughly $100 worth.

And then I got antsy. This was supposed to be a long term play, but I kept checking the charts every few seconds and I couldn’t wait to see my major payday.

The big issue I had with this trade was I had no strategy in place. I was literally buying something and hoping for the best. It was like betting on the long shot at the horse track and hoping the horse finishes first.

So I started to freak out.

I started seeing other coins with major increases on the day and I wondered if I had missed out on other opportunities.

So I did what any person would do. I looked at the shiny object and sold off my EmberCoin to chase the other “profit.”

Ends up, I picked a few coins after that and actually lost 20%. I was quick to jump on trends and didn’t take the time to look into anything else other than a green or a red number.

Now what happened to the price of EmberCoin?

If I would have kept my initial investment and sold the EmberCoins today, I would have made $900.

Yeah. I feel like an idiot.

Without a plan in place, I got distracted and missed a huge opportunity.

Lesson Learned:

Always have a plan when you decide to invest into a coin or token.

CW (Chris Wilkey)

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