Flipping Walmart Exclusive Toys

This is a totally speculative buy (so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out) to play on the popularity of Nerf guns and the Christmas buying frenzy.

First, when a store like Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, etc. has an exclusive toy, this mean that Amazon will never be able to come on to the listing.

Second, some stores run out online and there might not be a store locally for someone to buy it from ( or the local store may already be sold out)

Both of these make it harder for the customer if find ( limited supply to meet demand, which means higher prices)

Here is a possible product that could fall into this category.  It is not currently available, so there is no sales history to confirm anything ( so you are gambling that you are right)

This is only available at Walmart


Nerf Elite Rhino

There is a listing already one Amazon, but since it hasn’t been released, it is most likely a drop shipper that doesn’t have it yet.

elite2 (1)


So we don’t have anyway to know what this might sell for. True but not so fast.

There are comparable Nerf products that can give us something to go on.



This was released a few years back and it wasn’t an exclusive.


As you can see from CCC, that Amazon once sold for as low as $24.99 and 3rd party sellers have sold for as much as $654!

Walmart even sold it for less than $40 at one time.

So the starting price of this one is $90, so one might conclude that it may reach or even go higher than the Nerf Vulcan price.

Well that is all good, but how do you play this?

Walmart has this as a pre order right now with a limit of 2.

If you thought that this might reach the $300 plus mark, then it is a no brainer.  You just have to be willing to wrap up about $200 if you buy the 2 limit.

But what if it doesn’t sell or doesn’t sell for that much?

You could purchase this, list it MF on  Amazon or list it on eBay and only ship if it sells (this means you might not get the FBA price, but it might end up being close) If it doesn’t sell, just return it after Christmas to Walmart, just like any other unwanted Christmas present.

If you want to get the best price, you could send it into Amazon FBA.  If it doesn’t sell, you could have it returned to yourself for $.50 and you would be out your inbound shipping plus the $.50


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