How Do You Get Approved To Sell On Merch By Amazon?




Oh the dreaded question that I get all of the time:

How Do You Get Approved To Sell On Merch By Amazon?

You can read 100 different blogs, forums, or even websites that will tell you a different answer, but honestly, it’s just an apply and wait scenario.

Also known as: There is no magic formula to get approved quicker to sell on Merch By Amazon.

But if you are willing to wait (and why not apply and wait around until you get approved), here are the steps you need to follow:

1 – Go to this page – Merch By Amazon

2 – Scroll down and click the big orange button that says: Request Invitation

3 – Sign into your Amazon account.

4 – Fill out the four different fields (only two are required).

5 – Click the button: Send Request

6 – Wait

I know what your next question is before you even have time to type it into the comment box below:

How long am I going to have to wait to get my approval?

The honest answer is:

I have no f’ing clue. When I applied back in the September of 2015, it took about a week. People who are applying now are waiting 6+ months for approval.

So instead of getting pissed off that you haven’t received your approval yet, I would recommend signing up for one of these sites to start uploading designs and finding which designs work the best for print on demand platforms.

My three favorite are:




Practice makes perfect and you will want to hit the ground running when you finally do get approved for Merch by Amazon.



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