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It’s been a little bit since I hosted a free course hasn’t it???? Well to start the celebration of 20,000 members in our Facebook group a little early, I have decided to do another one!

My pick for the best software of 2016 was Tactical Arbitrage, so I have decided to do an in-depth course over how to use it!

Get the FREE course here: https://gum.co/wIKzg

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Free if you type $0 into the price box.

Course Dates:

January 17, 24, 31, and February 7

Course Includes:

4 weeks of class sent out via email each Tuesday

Note: Live classes are hard to manage due to scheduling conflicts with class attendees. Recorded classes work better and will be supplemented by our Facebook group.

A private Facebook group for the duration of the class.

Get the FREE course here: https://gum.co/wIKzg

Class Topics:

January 17 – Understanding the basics of Tactical Arbitrage

Goal of the class: Go through the process of setting up a Tactical Arbitrage account and understanding the uses of the software. We will cover the terminology, the basic functions of Tactical Arbitrage, and we will run a few searches.

This is possibly the most important class of the entire class.

January 24 – Finding Amazon Flips with Tactical Arbitrage

Goal of the class: We will focus on the Amazon Flips feature of Tactical Arbitrage and walk through the different uses to find Amazon flips.

January 31 – Zen Arbitrage with The Library Search using Tactical Arbitrage

Goal of the class: We are going to take a look at one the powerful new features of Tactical Arbitrage: The Library Search

February 7 – Looking to the Future of Tactical Arbitrage with Alex Moss

Goal of the class: Take a look at the future of this powerful software and the new features that are currently in the pipeline for 2017 with the creator of Tactical Arbitrage – Alex Moss.

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