How To Make Money Off Worthless Math Books




Add this to your bag of tricks if you ever thrift or go to book sales and Dec-Jan is a great time to both find and sell these.

There are all those old college math text books that are big, heavy and not worth anything if you scan them.

Well some have a hidden treasure.

A lot of college math classes require the students to purchase and use an online math “tutor” program called MyMathLab, which requires an expensive access code.

The access code is basically a piece of cardboard with a removable window that shows the access code under it. This is a one time use code, but if the code is still covered, then it is unused.

Sometimes this comes as part of a package or if the student buys a used book, they have to buy one of these.

A lot of students never use these and just slide them into the book ( or some just drop the class before accessing).

Either way, you can find these unused slid in these worthless math textbooks. ( I’ve heard that there is also a science one)

fba math books

As you can see, the ROI is pretty good on these. Classes end in early Dec. so kids will be tossing out books, and students that buy used books will find out that they need these come Jan.


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