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One of the best choices I made after I started selling more items through FBA was signing up for UPS Smart Pickup. I was getting tired of loading boxes into my car and driving to the UPS store to drop them off each day.

With UPS Smart Pickup, I am able to:

– Get 1 pickup per day at my address.

– Schedule the pickup online in a matter of seconds

– Get discounts on my shipping (and I have hooked this up to my Amazon account)

– Get free labels for printing my shipping labels

UPS is doing a free promotion where you can get a free year of Smart Pickup. You can find out more here: http://bit.ly/1BjZJc7 (this is not an affiliate link, just a really good deal I wanted to share).

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  1. When you say “Get discounts on my shipping (and I have hooked this up to my Amazon account)”-

    How do you ‘hook this up to’ your Amazon account? Are you getting an additional discount on top of Amazon’s already discounted UPS rates?

    1. I just called Amazon and they said they no longer provide information on this topic. I’ve also called 4 UPS toll free numbers (including UPS Connect) and they don’t know anything about how to use SmartPickup for FBA shipping. How do I set this up? That is, how do I schedule a pick up since I don’t want to provide a payment method on the ‘Create a Shipment’ web page? (https://www.ups.com/uis/create?loc=en_US&WT.svl=SubNav)

  2. I recently signed up for UPS Smart PickUP. I was told by UPS this service which is free for the first year, only applies to personal pre-paid shipments. It does not apply to Amazon FBA shipments.

    Of course, UPS will pickup any shipment with an email or phone request. But there is a fee for any not qualified under Smart Pickup (which does not require a request). Smart Pickups will be scheduled automatically when you initiate a prepaid shipment online. Usually 1 day after, unless it is early in the morning, they may make the pickup the same day (after 1pm).

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