Sourcing Excuses Part 1 – Kids Keep Me Down!

Everyone is different.  And as such, people do not have the same level of drive, determination, tenacity.

Here at FBAM we have a very diverse group of people, and as such, we all have worked through many of the possible excuses someone could have for building sustainable success on the FBA platform.

One of the most common excuses I see and hear is “I cannot go sourcing because I have kids.”

Well, today, I will dispel that myth.

You see, I have kids.

Two, to be exact.

They are the bee’s knee’s.  The cat’s pajama’s.  The snake’s hips.  You know, they rock.

So what does this have to do with anything?

Well, my kids are sourcing professionals.  They come with me regularly.  The people at the Meijer by my house know them, and the tellers at the TCF bank inside the Jewel that we go to give my son a lollipop every time we walk by, since its a few times a week.

Here is what I know.

Working with my children around is not easy, and as this has become a full time tilt for me, I schedule work time.

But…..sourcing……not the 8 hours marathons of going to a dozen stores, but just running to Walmart to scan clearance and grab some replens, that is not something that requires leaving them at home.  It is very possible, in fact it has become preferred for me, to bring them with.  It gives my wife time alone, and gives me time with my kids.  And less you think my kids don’t like it, or they are just dragged around in a cart, I will show you otherwise!

12736687_10208596560811440_2081182528_o (1)
12699179_10208596567531608_493660181_o (1)

Those pictures are from last night!

Here is how I see it.

I can wait for the perfect time in my schedule to source.  I would happily relax on my couch with some hot chocolate, because sooner or later the stars WILL align and there will be open time in the day, and I will go do some RA.


I can get off my lazy, excuse making ass, and take my kids shopping!

It is very fortunate for me that I have two arms.

Because I can use one for pushing them in front of me, and one for pulling my cart behind me.

And….just so you don’t think I stop at one cart, I simply fill the first, and bring the cart to the front whilst I fill another.

But, sometimes I need an extra hand, and I simply ask John John (my son) to help out, and I give him a basket.

Basket pic

So…don’t tell me you have kids and cannot source.

Because I can, and that means you can.

And don’t tell me it is boring for the kids, because….that is on you!

12722285_10208596567251601_643646505_o (1)

Here is my son happily posing on LAST NIGHTS excursion to target.

There are going to be as many excuses to prevent you from taking this seriously as you feel like making.

So from that end, I am going to take it upon myself to systematically remove each of those excuses and obstacles from you and your life.

Something preventing you from sourcing?

Share it, whatever it is, let me know.  Comment down below, and I will go through them and if it is not something Chris, Mike, or myself have already worked through, then I will find someone who has.

There are no excuses that cannot be overcome.Lets-Help-Teens-Avoid-Stumbling-Blocks

If you do want to succeed, and I presume you do, because honestly there would be no reason to still be reading if you didn’t, then working through your own stumbling blocks is pivotal to succeed.

So what stops you from winning?  What keeps you from making the money you want to make in this line of work?

Tell me.

It’s the only way I can help.

In the meantime, I gotta go pack.  Because after a long night of sourcing, I wore out the kids.


Do not forget, as this is important.

What is your excuse super good, logical reason for not being able to put yourself in a position to succeed?

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