Tactical Arbitrage Mini Lessons – Filters: Part #3




In conjunction with the free training course (found here), I am going to be doing short mini lessons over different aspects of Tactical Arbitrage. As always, you can get your free trial of Tactical Arbitrage here.

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Mini Lesson – Filters: Part #3

We are going to keep moving right down the search page and talk about 5 more parameters you can set on Tactical Arbitrage.

First, we need a screenshot.


#1 is designed to help you eliminate mismatches and quantity issues. It basically allows you to say this:

If the title of a product includes XXXX, then don’t show it to me.  

This is extremely helpful if you source a lot in health, beauty, and grocery. These categories are notorious for having multipacks and bundles, so this parameter can search for titles that include terms like: pack of, set, bundle, case, etc.

#2 and #3 are modifying filters that actually allows you to adjust the title of an product before putting it through the Title search. Tactical Arbitrage automatically defaults to search by UPC code, but some sites do not provide that information. In that case, Tactical Arbitrage uses the title search to compare products.

#2 allows us to remove words from a product title. This can be used to remove words like: new, sale, clearance, etc that might cause the title search to be less accurate. So it sounds a little like this in plain English:

If my product title includes XXXX, remove it from the title before searching for the product.

#3 does the exact opposite of #2. Instead of removing a word from the title, it actually adds a word to it to help with the title search. It sounds something like this:

Before running the title search, please add XXXX to the title.

This is perfect if you are searching a site that doesn’t include brand names in the title or if you are looking specifically for a certain color, brand, or word in the title.

#4 is similar to the last two parameters, but it acts as a restricting filter. Essentially is says:

If the product title does not include the word XXX, remove it from my search results. 

If there is a specific word or phrase you are looking for (such as a brand name or type), then you can remove all the results that do not contain that word. I personally haven’t seen a ton of people use this one, but it could have some nice benefits on certain sites.

#5 is pretty straightforward. This is a parameter that can help you speed up your search speed by removing certain products before the analysis takes place. In simple terms, it says:

If the price of an item is not XXX times more than the price on Amazon, then leave it out of my search results.

We are all pretty familiar with the Amazon fee structure, so it is safe to assume that most prices will need to be 1.5 times or higher for it to be a profitable flip.

See all of our FREE training material for Tactical Arbitrage here.

As always, you can get your free trial of Tactical Arbitrage here.

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