What Is This Rocky Mountain Conference All About?




So, you’ve heard about the conference that’s happening in Denver, CO on April 29-30 right? Well here’s some information that you may not know.


A quick backstory on how Travis and I (Paul) met, and how the idea for putting together this event came into being:


We met right here, via the FBA Master group. Being fairly new to CO and seeing that Travis lived nearby, I reached out one day on FB. We met up at, you guessed it, a brewery.  It was the ALDS round of baseball playoffs and just so happened that Travis’ beloved Royals were playing, and well, I just love sports. From there we just started building a relationship. The occasional messages, a quick screenshot of a bolo found or sales numbers, shipments being sent out served as motivation for both us.  Now, we communicate almost daily.  ‘Hey I found this at Walmart, what do you think?’, or ‘Hey I can get 50 of these for $5/ea you want to split it?’ Aside from putting this conference together, we have become good friends in a short period of time. Just another example of the power of networking with like minded people.


We got together a few weeks later and during the course of conversation Travis said something like, “I’ve had this idea for awhile now – what do you think about getting a bunch of people from Facebook-land together in Denver and having a conference?” After some research, some back and forth, and in the midst of the Q4 rush, we decided to give it a shot.


Then come the natural fears that you ask yourself as you sign a hotel contract. Will people attend? Will sponsors come? Will we get enough speakers? (Or will we be subject to Travis’ guitar playing and singing to fill time?)  Well, the answer has been YES!!! (Except for that last one…whew!) We have an unbelievable lineup of speakers with diverse backgrounds that are excited to share their experiences with everyone and learn from each other.
Here’s some of the highlights:
  • Interested in taking your business international?  Well, we have the Marketplace Superhero guys coming to town all the way from Dublin, Ireland. Having built a multi-million dollar business that spans multiple continents, they are not only well versed in the nuances of selling abroad, but great business minds.
  • Struggle with OA/RA sourcing? The father/son team of Chris and Jason Wilkey will get you thinking outside the box and are sure to provide not only a few laughs, but some valuable insight into their unique buying strategies.
  • Listened to The Amazing Seller podcasts before? Well come meet and hear The Amazing Seller himself, Scott Voelker. He will be part of our PL panel, and closing out our event Saturday evening.
  • The dreaded topic, suspension, and how to prevent it. Cynthia Stine is a well-respected industry leader and will share her knowledge on how to keep your AZ account protected.
  • Networking. We hear and see people talk about this all the time. In this business, like many, it’s critical to build a network of like-minded people that you trust and can share with. Whether it’s a bolo, an idea, a strategy, or a light hearted jab about a sports team, you will walk away with new friendships that you can lean on when you are back all alone in your basement/garage/spare bedroom/office.
  • Too keep this post from getting any longer, we had to leave out many of our great presenters, but you can see a list of them here.


We’re also excited about some of the great companies that have decided to sponsor the event.  You get a chance to have face to face conversations with the developers and service providers that can help take your business to the next level. Visit our site here to check them out!


We believe that we’ve put together an exceptional program. There’ll be a TON of information being thrown out there to absorb. Whether you are fairly new or a ‘veteran’ to online selling, there will be knowledge to gain from attending. Understand that this is an investment in YOU and YOUR business. Take full advantage of the opportunities. Talk to people, ask questions, share your insights. Who knows, you may walk away with a new idea, strategy, mastermind group or partner.


If you’re on the fence about coming, feel free to reach out to either of us with any questions you may have. It may not be the right time for everyone, and we understand that. To those that have already committed to coming, thank you. We’re excited to meet you and share this weekend of learning, sharing stories, with a few laughs (and perhaps brews) mixed in.

If you would like more information or to sign up, simply visit our site.


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