The Other 100 Things I Wish Amazon Sellers Would Know.




Our best day on FBA Master happened last week when I posted the first post in this series. People sent me a ton of messages telling me they bookmarked the page and it was one of the best posts I have ever done (and a lot of people wondered how long it took to put it all together). Since it went over so well, I decided to do part #2 today.

So instead of focusing on some great “how-to” guide or an in-depth look at a new tool, I want reflect on some of the things I have learned over the past 2 years and I hope you have learned as well.

Here are the 100 Things I Wish All Amazon Sellers Would Know. Each of these items link back to a post one of us has written that goes into more detail (if you are interested in learning more).

  1. Every person who sells on Amazon has a different reason for doing so. It’s ok to do it as a hobby or part-time.
  2. Seriously. I have told you that sales tax is real and YOU have to take action. Do it already.
  3. The Best Buy Gamer Club is your best friend.
  4. Self employment sounds great, but are you really ready for it?
  5. There are multiple ways to sell on Amazon. Don’t get stuck with a one track mind. 
  6. Thrifting can be extremely profitable if you know what you are looking for.
  7. Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.
  8. Hindsight is always 20/20. The road you take will lead you to your final destination. 
  9. If you think it’s too hard to source in a store, remember that a 7 year old can do it.
  10. Q4 is unlike any other quarter for an Amazon seller.
  11. There is no secret to being an FBA Master.
  12. If you settle, you will only get mediocre results. 
  13. Amazon is not a get rich quick scheme. 
  14. Always give thanks to those who support you throughout the year.
  15. Sometimes your biggest fans in life are the kids you inspire.
  16. If you have questions about sales tax, ASK THEM!
  17. Just because something is posted in a Facebook group, doesn’t mean it is going to crash in price.
  18. Bad buys happen. It’s your choice how to deal with them.
  19. Always play in more than one sandbox. Never know when a cat is going to stop by and ruin your day.
  20. The best way to prepare for Black Friday is to learn from someone who has been through it.
  21. If you pay attention throughout the year, you can predict what is going to be hot during Q4.
  22. Understand what the word “nexus” means and how it affects you. 
  23. There are other great Facebook groups out there besides FBA Master.
  24. Just because we are FBA Masters, doesn’t mean we actually like that name (or connotation).
  25. If you like shoes and making money, there is actually way for you to make a living from it.
  26. You will get more out of 1 connection than you will 10 freebies.
  27. Always fill out surveys on FBA Master. We give away awesome prizes. 
  28. You can literally make thousands from selling just Halloween costumes.
  29. You will constantly be learning and growing as an Amazon seller.
  30. Money can be made by merchant fulfilling items right before Christmas.
  31. Sometimes 1 book can help you plan out a whole year.
  32. If you need help with sales tax, you can always hire a professional.
  33. When Chris is home alone, fun always follows.
  34. Always get ungated when it is easy. You never know when the rules will change.
  35. You will have a love/hate relationship with replenishable items.
  36. Even masters make mistakes. Learn from them and don’t repeat them.
  37. Selling hot items might not be for some, but for others, it’s easy money.
  38. The Book category has totally different sales rank parameters than any other category on Amazon.
  39. Always ask yourself: Why in the hell are you selling on Amazon?
  40. Outsourcing can make life a lot easier.
  41. Every once in a while, you need to treat yourself. 
  42. I shit you not. There is actually money to be made in used board games.
  43. Did you actually ask yourself why on #39? If not, do it now.
  44. Sometimes an experiment can lead to a major discovery.
  45. You will have shortcomings. Identify them and work to improve.
  46. Pay Per Click campaigns can have a huge impact on your Amazon sales.
  47. Did you know you might need to be insured to sell on Amazon?
  48. Making goals is one thing. Sticking to them is another.
  49. The most important skill you can have as an Amazon seller is being able to understand the data.
  50. It’s freaking hard to find someone who will insure you if #47 is true for you. 
  51. Sometimes one Facebook message can make you $1,640 in 6 hours.
  52. You always need to run reports at the end of the year. ALWAYS! 
  53. There are some small tips that can make scanning a lot easier for you.
  54. This list might be great advice, but there are some rules you have to follow if you are an Amazon FBA seller.
  55. If you didn’t believe me on #47, here is the actual language from Amazon.
  56. Most likely, you are missing out on some tax deductions. 
  57. If you source online and use a prep center, life becomes extremely easy.
  58. Sometimes, you will make more money if you lower your prices. 
  59. If you are going to set goals, make them SMART ones.
  60. Sometimes regular shopping trips turn into sourcing trips in the blink of an eye.
  61. Bundles aren’t hard. People just think they are.
  62. Legos have performed better than the stock market over the last 30 years.
  63. Some of you need a little motivation to get started. Hopefully this helps. 
  64. If you set your mind to it, you can find a lot more items than you could ever imagine.
  65. Not gaining money is better than losing it.
  66. Using templates for buyer messages can save you A LOT of time.
  67. Using the right recipes with a repricer can turn your ok sales into fantastic sales.
  68. Those who think outside the box with OAXRay are the ones that make the most money.
  69. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, get your billions back. 
  70. Never say you are worthless. You are worth more than you can ever know.
  71. Understanding your sourcing rate per hour is the best way to determine when to hire or outsource work.
  72. A manger gives rules, a leader shows you the way. 
  73. Chris gets really excited when he gets to speak in public 🙂
  74. Understanding how a prep center works is key to know when you need to start using one.
  75. The race to the bottom is a result of game theory (I know – economics. yuck).
  76. There are some awesome tools out there to help you save money.
  77. There are only 4 things you really need to know about selling on Amazon.
  78. Sometimes reflecting can actually lead to growth personally and as a business.
  79. Cash flow matters. Like. It really really matters.
  80. Sex sells. Remember that when you are sourcing.
  81. Amazon isn’t your winning ticket. 
  82. Slow months will happen as a FBA seller.
  83. There is money to be made from the items that most people won’t take the time to look up. 
  84. You never know what life will bring. Always be prepared.
  85. Treat selling on Amazon like a business.
  86. Having a full time job isn’t an excuse for not having the time to make Amazon work for you.
  87. It is possible to be an Amazon seller any where in the world!
  88. Long term storage fees suck. 
  89. Always try to prevent issues before they happen.
  90. Having kids is not an excuse for not having time to source.
  91. Stacking promo codes, discounts, cash back, and gift cards can be a huge cost savings method.
  92. Knowing what to do with damaged goods is important (especially if you have a loved one who hates messes).
  93. Money is worth more now than it is in the future. 
  94. Some of the best hacks for online arbitrage are 100% free.
  95. Mind your money or someone else will.
  96. If you can’t find product to sell, you aren’t trying hard enough.
  97. There are ways to cut the learning curve. 
  98. Smart investments pay you back time and time again.
  99. If you don’t like to work, find a way not to. 
  100. If you aren’t a part of this group, you are missing out on way too much fun every day.


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