Sourcing Excuses Part 3 – Can’t find product to sell

It is time.

For the next problem that prevents people from achieving success in the FBA landscape.

Here are the first two posts, in case you missed them:

But now, problem #3. I hear this so often, especially from new people, that I would almost believe it. You know, if I didn’t know better.

“I cannot find products to sell on Amazon that make money.”


open mouth laugh


Sorry, I wasn’t laughing at you. I must have swallowed a bug and it tickled my throat.


Maybe you missed some of the previous posts that addressed the issue.

Here is one about locations I source at.

Here is one on sourcing online, at ebay.

Here is one on sourcing at Best Buy.

Here is one where I sourced at a furniture store.

Here is a video about sourcing with OAXRay.

Here is a compilation about sourcing online in general, with videos.

Here is one about sourcing at Big Lots.

As you can see, we have no shortage of posts about sourcing product. And we have hardly scraped the barrel.

There are some key things to keep in mind when you are starting your Amazon selling business.

Be Persistent

If you go and scan things for 15 minutes twice a month, and do not find product to sell, well, of course you will quit.

Do not be frustrated, just keep at it. You see and hear from thousands of successful sellers daily, and the numbers dictate there are millions of us.

So keep at it.

Ask lots of questions if you are unsure.

Ask for RA discounts.

This is something I do sometimes, primarily when I have more than one cart. It sometimes works, and it sometimes doesn’t.

But today I got over $100 off at Walmart by simply asking.

That is an extra $100 profit on items I was buying anyway, because they already were profitable.


Use whatever tools you can

We have links for products we recommend, we have links for free extensions and free sites, we have video courses. And we are far from unique.

There are many groups and people willing to help, free or paid, and all of it can make a difference.

Simply find the ones that work for you, and you will soon grow attached and begin making money.

This business takes work, grit, and determination.

It takes Three P’s.

But it can make you money. And it can give you a life you didn’t know was possible.

You just gotta work for it.

But people like Gail Lang Anderson do not just make this stuff up to become Facebook popular.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.56.31 PM

They just hustle, and keep looking till they find product. And profit.


One thought on “Sourcing Excuses Part 3 – Can’t find product to sell

  • February 18, 2017 at 10:30 am

    Hello Masters,

    I had been consistently looking for products every single day for the past six months and couldnt find a single product that seemed worth it. i was either restricted in the brands or gated in the categories. I looked at clearence sections of every store you could imagine online. I’m in Asia and selling on AMZ US.

    Yesterday I came across FBA Master’s AZ 2 AZ method and was very impressed. Tried it out started getting results.


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