ScanPower Review: The Easiest Way to Manage Amazon Listings and FBA Shipments




Over the past years, Amazon has made it easy for anyone to build their very own online empire.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 55 years old because you can earn a decent passive income from Amazon regardless of age.

It has become such a phenomenon that there are currently over 5 million sellers across different Amazon marketplaces.

Even though the competition can seem a bit intimidating, you can still get yourself a slice of that Amazon pie.

That is if you’re persistent enough to stick to the process until you succeed!

And part of the process is to look for the right tools that will help you maximize your earnings from your FBA items.

In this article, you’ll learn what Scanpower can do and how it can help you gain a competitive advantage over other sellers.

What is ScanPower?

Scanpower is a tool specially made to address the concerns of Amazon FBA sellers.

From sourcing products to shipping items, this tool promises to assist you every step of the way.

Using this tool,  you won’t have to spend countless hours looking for your next big product or not worry about managing your inventory.

With ScanPower, you’ll able to accomplish this and other FBA tasks much faster!

ScanPower focuses mainly on FBA. So, if you’re running a multi-platform online business or an online/brick-and-mortar hybrid, then you’re probably better off using a different solution for creating listings and managing your inventory.

However, you can still use ScanPower to scout products, evaluate opportunities, and get historical data.

Features of ScanPower

To help you decide if ScanPower would be a good fit for your business, here are its 6 main features:

  • Mobile – Get pricing information for any item in the Amazon catalog in real time. The free ScanPower mobile app is available on iOS and Android and lets you see how much you can sell an item at maximum profit. Just scan the item’s bar code or search for the item by keyword, ASIN, ISBN, or UPC.
  • List – Create new listings and manage your inventory with ScanPower’s one-touch system. ScanPower List is an inventory processing system that lets you create listings, print labels, and pack items even when you’re on the go. Just scan your item once and ScanPower will do the rest.
  • Boxt – Keep orders organized with the only box contents app that you can integrate with your shipments. Keep track of what’s inside every box with 2D bar codes you can easily print out. Packing your shipment items doesn’t get any simpler than this!
  • Evaluate – Know what your net payout for each product is using Scanpower Evaluate. It lets you make smart purchasing decisions even at first glance. Upload your list and let ScanPower crunch the numbers for you.
  • Scout – Get the same pricing information in real-time of Scanpower Mobile but using your computer or laptop. With ScanPower Scout, you can get a more in-depth look of your selling processes from checking on the competition to saving purchased items for later listings. You can even see an item’s sales history over a three-month period with ScanPower’s unified Keepa graph.
  • Report – Track your expenses, including, taxes, fees, and shipping with the ScanPower Report feature. This is the only accounting and reporting solution you need to stay on top of your FBA business. With this feature, you’ll never have to second-guess your ROI again!

How to Create Amazon Listings and Add Items to FBA Shipments Using ScanPower

Let’s take a look at how you can use ScanPower to create Amazon listings and make it work to your full advantage:

Scan items for its Amazon price


Assuming that you’ve already signed in to your ScanPower account via mobile or scout, simply search for the item you’re looking for using the keyword, ASIN, ISBN, or UPC.

From there, you’ll see important information about the item, including weight, size, category, price, and net payout.

Manage items for shipment

scanpower review - list

Once you’ve found items you want to sell, use the List feature to add it to your shipment. Determine which warehouse you want to send the item to and create your labels.

list 2

Check how much your competitors are selling the item for then set your price. Once you click on ‘complete shipment’, you’ll find your transaction at your Seller Central account.

Print shipping labels

Preparing inbound shipments to Amazon is made easier with ScanPower’s Boxt feature.


On the Boxt dashboard, start a new box and select the open shipment you want to process.

boxt 2

Scan the items you want to add to the item. As long as you still have space in the box, you can continue adding more units of a specific item.

boxt3 3

Print your shipping labels before creating a new box.

Analyze your wholesale spreadsheet

If you’re shipping out wholesale products, use the Evaluate feature to narrow down the best products that you can put up for resale.

scanpower evaluate

Take your spreadsheet and make sure that it’s formatted correctly before uploading your file to ScanPower’s Evaluate.

scanpower evaluate 2

If you only have less than 50 items, using the Evaluate feature is free. The price for this standalone feature depends on how many items you have in your spreadsheet that you want to run through Evaluate.

Access your new spreadsheet via Evaluate and you can start checking different fields like rank, items that have FBA offers and merchant fulfilled offers and net payout.

scanpower review - evaluate 3

You can move the fields around depending on the information that you need to make your decision.


scanpower pricing

Pricing starts at $49 per month for the Basic plan that can be used by two account users.

The Pro plan costs $99 per month and gives access to 4 account users. The Enterprise plan at $199 per month gives access to unlimited account users and includes unlimited use of the ScanPower Evaluate feature.

One of the best things about ScanPower is that you can try it before you decide to buy it. Whatever plan you sign up for, you can use the features for 30 days with no charge to see how well it works for you.

Pros and Cons

This review won’t be complete without a quick look at the pros and cons of ScanPower.


  • ScanPower has a clean and easy-to-use interface that won’t confuse you. It’s not just easy to navigate, it also allows shows you every single detail you need to know about an item, including images.
  • This tool can find any listing on the Amazon marketplace. It pulls the most accurate product information compared to other tools of its kind.
  • It lets you customize the data that you want to collect and see. By setting it up with your own fields.


  • Scanning the items can be a bit slow, especially if you’re using an Android phone with a redline bar code reader. iOS users, on the other hand, experience speedy scanning.
  • It doesn’t give you a fees’ breakdown. While the payout number is always accurate, you can’t see any information on what fees will occur in a sale.
  • It’s very difficult to go back to the search page when you’re checking different listings as there is no back button. You have to rescan the item and check the listing again.

ScanPower Review: Verdict

If you’re serious about transforming your FBA business into an online empire, it’s important that you choose tools that will help you run your operations as efficient as possible.

You need as much help as possible to get your business off the ground – the sooner the better!

With that said, ScanPower has some of the best features that a startup FBA seller would need to scale their business fast.

With its intuitive interface and accurate data reporting, it’s definitely a tool that will allow you to maximize your limited time.

And while it may cost a bit more than other tools with similar features, ScanPower makes up for it with its unbeatable customer service.

Check out ScanPower here.

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