How can community help you grow your business? You are the sum of 5!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage of “You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with most”. If you hstaraven’t, the theory behind it is that you pick up habits and traits of the people you are closest do. Do you want to “level up”? Then you need to look for people that are where you want to be. Maybe that’s the reason why you read this blog, or the reason why you’ve joined communities on Facebook. If so, you have already taken the first step towards improving yourself!

My name is Chris Potter from Lessons Learned in Business. I’ve had an ecommerce business in some fashion since 2005. When I started out – I did it with pure will power. I had no mentors, no friends that were entrepreneurs, Facebook barely existed, and there weren’t many online communities where you could meet people. So, I just built my business the best I could. I didn’t seek out help from anyone. I took no training courses, no classes – I just did everything with trial and error.

As my business progressed over the years, I would look at blogs, and other information resources. I would soak up the information – but I would never reach out to those people. Simply put, I was stubborn. I wanted to be able to build my business the way I wanted to – and I didn’t need anyone to help me do it. Yes, I made many mistakes along the way, but I was able to build a business to $3.5 million in sales in 2012 using this philosophy.

But, being stubborn and not having connections can only get you so far. If I had connections with other entrepreneurs, they could have easily seen that my company didn’t have a proper foundation. It was crumbling at its seams. I had an inkling there were problems, and I tried to fix them. But, if I had other people to bounce ideas off of, and let other people into my “inner circle”, I could have built a stronger business that may have lasted for many years. Instead, it all came to a crashing halt in 2013 when my business collapsed.

Scratching my head, I had to figure out what went wrong. Of course, there were many systematic failures in the business I created. However, one of the biggest factors was that I did it all alone. Yes, I was able to succeed immensely on my own. However, I could only get it so far. The 5 people I spent the most time with, couldn’t even remotely imagine what I was dealing with. They all had jobs, and weren’t remotely in the same league. I was the guy they all looked at as the guy they wanted to be. Great for them – not so great for me.

When I decided to start working on a new business venture, I realized I needed to start building connections with other people. I started by joining a bunch of Facebook groups (which I never knew about before). I started posting in the groups, and started building relationships with like minded people. In late 2014, I made an impression on another Amazon seller enough that he wanted me to be part of his inner circle. I can’t thank him enough for that, because he put together a small group of amazing people. Since that time, the 5 people I hang out most with have sincerely been upgraded. I now talk regularly to people that are running million dollar businesses, and have aspirations to improve peoples their own businesses and lives.

Knowing those people have directly impacted the way I look at things. I have built a much stronger foundation for this current business, which is projected to do over $2 million in sales this year. Not bad, considering this business was only started in July of 2014. That community has pushed me harder than I ever was pushed in my previous business. I’m a competitive person, and before I was just competing with myself. Now, I’m competing with other successful people.

Why the story? I urge you to look at the community or communities you are a part of. Take a look at the people you are talking to on a regular basis. Are those people helping you move forward? Are those people where YOU want to be? Are those people pumping you up, or are they pushing you down? If they aren’t people that can help you be successful in life, do everything you can to meet other like minded people. And fast.

Sometimes the hardest part of finding people is when you start progressing to “higher levels”. The reality is, the more you grow your business, the less people there are out there that can be considered “higher level” than you. It’s difficult to find them. Trust me, I try to find those people – and it’s not easy.

It’s one of the reasons why I’ve decided to create an exclusive community for like minded Amazon sellers. Myself and Ryan Grant from Online Selling Experiment have teamed up to create the 5 Star Seller Society. It’s an exclusive community for 6 and 7 figure Amazon sellers. If you are on track to do $100,000 this year (or have $10,000 in sales in each of the last three months), you are qualified to join this private community. As a serious online seller, you want to be a part of this community to help drive your business forward. Who knows, you may just replace all five of the people you currently spend the most time with! Find out more about this exclusive community

If you aren’t at that level yet, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone starts somewhere! Start seeking out those people you aspire to be like. Don’t be like me in my old business – reach out to them! Most people love to help other people. In fact, I find it to be more gratifying than selling $2 million worth of product. When you reach that $100k number yourself, feel free to apply for membership!

If you would like to reach out to me, you can find me on my website at Lessons Learned in Business I also have a Facebook Group called Grow Your Online Business. There’s lots of great information at both places, and just like here at FBA Master, I’m sure you’ll learn all sorts of great information.

Now, get going and meet some people!

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  • November 15, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    A great article, I’m looking forward to being part of the 5 start seller society one day!

    Thanks for the info.



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