How I found a new sourcing spot, and why

Here’s what happened.

I was out furniture shopping with my wife and kids last week. Friday afternoon, in the middle of a vicious downpour.

It was cold, and I had been out all day.

I get like Betty White in that Snickers commercial after 7 hours of nonsense, which is to say I was a crabby bitch.

Three furniture stores later, and we finally found our dining room table.

While I was walking with the salesman to get the “discount” approved by the manager, I noticed a few pillows.

So I busted into habit, and scanned them.

Rank was good, ROI was well over 100%, and only one FBA seller. They were 99.99 MSRP, and the clearance discount was 24.99.

Naturally, I took a screenshot of the item’s seller app page, and texted Mike with the info and price per unit, and he sent over his thoughts.

Right before the salesman went back and asked about the table, I pulled him aside and made an offer on the pillows too.

After some brief negotiation, I purchased the pillows and put a hold on the table lol!

The next day I shipped them off to FBA Land, and am eagerly awaiting sales.

I have a very specific plan, with very specific goals. I know the end result already, in my mind. And I am simply creating the map to reach that destination, by using the pathway’s laid out by those who have made it before me.

There is of course the element of hustle, which is vital to success.

But the thing, is, contrary to so much belief, IT CAN BE TAUGHT!

Hustle is nothing more than getting hungry and taking action.

It does not take someone special for that, or special skills. It simply takes someone with the proper mix of motivation and tenacity. Some to get up and go after it.


Thinking outside the box is a skill that can be fostered.

Creativity comes naturally. We are born creative, and allow the dull edges of life to slow us down.

Pay attention, the next time you have an idea that seems too crazy to work, work it! Give it a shot, because If you happen to fail, all that can happen is you fail. It’s really not that bad, and if you have yet to fail at something you have yet to learn some of the best lessons you will learn.

Some of the best sourcing spots I have are completely random, off the beaten path. Spots I never would have expected, like I buy a candy replen from a hardware store. It just works out that way. I no longer fight it.


Not giving up is paramount to success.

I had to ask my wife 6 times to marry me before she said yes.

When I was 12, I struck out 37 times in a row, but I kept swinging until I hit that foul ball behind first base.

I shower daily because its the only way to stay clean.

The first business I started went bust. So did the second.

One of those might not be entirely true, but the rest are pretty legit.

What I know for sure is that I have been knocked down a lot. I have been pushed and beaten and stepped on and knocked down and I have gotten up every single time.

This is not a brag in any way. It is an indictment on the part of my character that stands up every single time.

The best part is that it is not special, and it is not unique to me.

Most likely you can recall a few times you’ve been knocked down. If you can’t recall getting up, then you aren’t putting yourself out there enough! Or you haven’t yet gotten back in the game.

giving up

I will continue to take the steps I need to take.


Because I must succeed. Long term failure is not an option.

Not for me.

And it shouldn’t be for you, either.

Do not settle. You deserve better.

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