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Stock Up

In Amazon FBA, any successful seller knows how to optimize and leverage online arbitrage tools. Sourcing online can be very labor intensive and difficult to master, with many companies selling online arbitrage software and other online arbitrage tools to make that tedious process way easier, and amazon sellers will fork over hundreds (often thousands) of dollars every year on those services.

Sometimes, the proven method of online sourcing is the best.

You find low priced items, purchase those items, and sell them at a higher price.

It’s the kind of stuff we showcase all the time.

But what if I told you that the reverse method of sourcing is even more profitable.

It’s something that I didn’t even realize, but I was blown away once I started to think about it.

Stop and think about it for a second:

If everyone is doing something one way, wouldn’t it be beneficial for you to go against the grain?

I have always been someone who has tried to be the first to use a new tool (I’m an early adopter – no doubt). If I hear about some new online arbitrage software, you know that I will try it out.

My good friend (and fellow Amazon seller), Christopher Grant sent me a link to a new tool he just released today. 

Before I installed that online arbitrage tool  on my computer, I did some thinking about the whole process. You might want to follow my train of thought:

Number 1: People hate to do anything that is labor intensive. If it takes an extra step, people don’t do it. It’s too much work. That being said, those who are willing to go the extra mile see returns that are way above average.

Number 2: If I have a tool that is able to notify me when something is an arbitrage opportunity, would that make me a crap ton of money? The answer is simple: YES.

Christopher Grant’s software is pretty easy to understand:

Take the beloved Keepa extension and flip it upside down.

Yeah. It’s actually genius.

It is one of the best online arbitrage sites out there, and this “online arbitrage software” isn’t even specifically designed for online arbitrage. That is because you can create an online arbitrage sourcing list essentially as you patrol Amazon.

Everyone is looking for price drops on popular items. It’s literally the first thing we try to teach people for improving their amazon business or even general online arbitrage business.

What if you decided to focus on price hikes instead of price drops?

The new Stock Up extension actually notifies you when a price of a products shoots up.

Yep. You get notifications when demand rises (which for an economist like me is incredible).

All of a sudden, you know when a product is in high demand. It’s like you are a damn fortune teller.

You can predict market shortage as they are happening!

That is why I am beyond sold on this new extension: Stock Up

It’s giving me market intelligence that I can’t get from a typically Keepa or CamelCamelCamel chart. I can predict when other sellers are able to fulfill the demand and when I need to get off the couch and start sourcing.

You need to get it now: Stock Up Extension

I’m not someone that does a hard sales push, but this is one extension that I think is worth its weight in gold. I give mad props to Christopher Grant on this one and I think everyone should take a look at this sick extension.

Good night and good luck,


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