5 Things You Can Do This Week To Improve Your Knowledge As An Amazon Seller




This post is quick and dirty (it might actually become a weekly thing here on FBA Master). Just wanted to summarize a few great resources that you should be taking advantage of this week.

Before you get into the tips, I challenge you to read this.

Item #1 – My Interview With Andy Slamans

If you missed it last night, you missed literally the best webinar I have done to date. This was an MBA level discussion about private label and the current state of the Amazon marketplace. You can watch the entire webinar below:

Item #2 – Andy’s Free Course Over Private Label

At the end of the webinar, Andy explained a short month long course he is doing right now over private label. Best part is, it’s free. Even if you don’t take it right this second, you should sign up and make sure to sign up and get the videos. This kind of material isn’t offered for free often, so you need to take advantage why you can.

Get the course here.

Item #3 – Jason Wilkey’s Keepa Training

As I hope you all already know, I am getting ready to launch a FREE course on understanding Keepa charts and using them to make purchasing decisions. My dad, Jason Wilkey, just released his own take on the charts and I have to say that it is a completely different perspective. That being said, it is worth the small fee of $25 to have the 2 hours of training from my pops. I’m telling you. I make the most money from the little things I learn from my dad.

Get the course here.

Item #4 – Take Merch By Amazon To The Next Level

Do you sell on Merch by Amazon? Either way, this video is a killer lesson in using the same ideology and finding other platforms to use it with. I literally walk you through the process of creating your own print on demand store (no approval needed) and show you how to take the work out of adding another stream of income to your portfolio.

Item #5 – Explore New Sourcing Stores

There was an awesome post by John about how a furniture shopping trip ended up turning into a new sourcing location. He also wrote about how a hair cut turned into a big haul. Seems to me that the opportunities are endless, but we just need to open our eyes and always be looking for a good deal.

Read the furniture story here

Read the haircut story here

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