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So if you haven’t seen or heard, OAXRay is my favorite tool for online sourcing. Since I have been moving my business to the more passive side of things, I have started to use OAXRay more and more.

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I wanted to take a few minutes and show you a few of the unique ways I use it to find great deals for online arbitrage:

Method #1. Reverse Engineering

Most people use OAXRay to search supported sites for deals. What most people realize is that you can use it in reverse to find sourcing opportunities.

Here is what you do:

  • Go to Amazon.com and search a product or category.
  • Run OAXRay.
  • See if any of the results have a positive ROI
  • Find the site where the deal can be found and purchase it.

Method #2. Reverse Engineering to the Extreme

So one of the awesome parts about Amazon is that it is an open marketplace. You can see what is being sold, at what price, and even who is selling it. This method is one that I first learned from Chris Green, but I have perfected it over the last few year.

Please remember that if you can do this, so can others. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Search for one of your replens on Amazon

When you get to the product page (this one is edited to hide the product since I’m not a dick), click on “new sellers”

Click Here

Once you click on that, you should get to a screen like this.

Store name results

Once you get here, click on a store name of your competitor. That should bring you to another page and when you scroll down, you will see the below area. Click on “View All”.

Top Selling Products

Now you should get to a page like this.

Store Results

Now is the time you should run OAXRay. You will get a list of their products and possible stores to source.

Remember. This can be done to you as well. Don’t be a dick. My rule of thumb is that I will only find one item per seller. Please set a rule like this for yourself as well.

Method #3. No Matches on Amazon

Can we say: EASY MONEY!

Here’s the deal. Most people are lazy. They will see that there are no matches and move right along.

If you actually do a little research and work to create the listing, you have just found at least a short-term gold mine if the item sells (maybe long term depending on how quick others catch on).

This is one of my bread and butter ways to reduce competition and control prices.

So as you can see, OAXRay can be used in some ways that you never even imagined. All it takes is a little thinking and experimenting and you can make some serious money.

What are you waiting for? Get your free trial started today.


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  1. Could you please explain Method #3 No Matches Found on Amazon in more detail using oaxray?
    I’m not understanding that one exactly.

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