Sticking to your Resolutions in 2016




It is a new year. And with a new year always comes goals, excitement, plans for the upcoming year. That dreaded word, RESOLUTIONS.

And like most, it Is easy to start out gangbusters. Big plans require big action, and it seems like everyone can exercise for the first week of January, and healthy foods are the norm. Sales of nicorette skyrocket.

Then, the second week starts.

Now what?

Now people drift off. Now the “norm” sets in, and people go back to acting like they were. People fall back into old familiar patterns of behavior, and, applicable to us, old familiar habits of business!

Well not this year. This year we are all going to work hard to do the things necessary to keep our positive changes moving forward, and not just during the month of January.

This year I am going to be proactive in growing my business.

Do Something New

We all basically seem to start with arbitrage of some sort, and that is fine. It is the foundation of my sales business.

However, this year I’m making some new inroads into other product avenues. To start, I’ve successfully opened 3 wholesale accounts, for products I’ve been selling for over a year. All three will provide me significant discounts for buying in bulk, which will save me time and money.

But….the one I’m most excited about…..Private Label.

It all began here, with this post.

We are currently in the second week of the Andy Slamans course From Alibaba to Amazon, which can be found here.

By the end of this year, I expect to have a few private label products launched, in addition to wholesale, in an effort to grow from the OA and RA model which are currently my bread and butter.

Follow through on your goals

Nothing I write can be better than this post here by Mike.

There is a reason we emphasize this post a lot. It is because it works.

Making goals in your head is easy. Even writing them out and sticking on the fridge and glancing daily is easy.

Doing the work and following through, however, is not.

So…..you want different results? Want to grow your business? Make more money? Help more new people?


Make your goals, draw out your resolutions in blood, then apply the things you learn here in making them happen.

Embrace the tools

It seems like daily there are new tools coming out to make Amazon easier, and whether those are gum road lists or software, its all about saving time.

Utilize what is available.

Jake Jordan lists some great tools that help all new sellers in his guest post here.


This can mean many things, but basically talk to other people intimately. That you trust.

Here is my blog post about building a network.

In the Make Green in 2016  groups, we are having people partner up, to force this meeting of the minds to occur.

And the tighter your network or your mastermind, the better the results that will occur. I am in one specific mastermind now, and am in the process of being part of two more being built.

And I am certain good things will come of it.


No matter what happens moving forward, I am certain my business will grow, and I will share the exact steps I take. This past month has taught me a lot of things, and it has been one of the most difficult in my life.

It is the reason I must make every effort and take every step to ensure success for myself, and I cannot wait to tell you the story. Hopefully in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, follow these four tips, and you can move forward as well.

And share some of the things you will do to make sure you stick to your resolutions as well!

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