Where Do You Get Merch By Amazon T-Shirt Designs?

If you are like me, you aren’t the best at graphic design. You might be able to edit a screenshot or do a little cropping, but real design work isn’t your specialty.

Guess what? That should never stop you from selling on sites like RedBubble, TeeSpring, or Merch by Amazon.

The best piece of advice I have ever received about my skill set and outsourcing is:

Only do what only you can do.

I sound like Yoda right?

I’ll go way deeper into that piece of advice in a future post, but all you need to remember is that you will make the most money when you outsource everything someone else can do and only do what only you can do.

So let’s apply that to design work.

I suck at design work. It would take me 4 hours to create a piss poor design. Trust me. I’ve tried.

Instead, I outsource all of my design production and I spend my time doing things only I can do.

Where do I outsource the design work to? 

It’s actually outsourced to three different places:

1 – I hired and trained my own personal virtual assistant through Upwork. I provide her design ideas based upon research I do and she handles the rest. I pay her $5.25/hour and she can create around 1-2 designs per hour (depending on the complexity of the design).

2 – One of my close friends found a designer and hooked me up with him once a spot opened up in his design service. This guy is incredible. I pay him $7.50 a design and provide him with a keyword. He handles everything else. And his designs are tearing it up on Merch by Amazon and RedBubble.

Note: When I have excess designs from either of these two designers, I sell them here. This helps me to cover the upfront cost of the designers and provides me an outlet to help those just getting started with Merch by Amazon.

3 – I use a service from EPS (Elite Product Sourcers) that provides designs on a monthly basis from another group of people I trust. They will handle everything from the initial research, design work, and even description generation (depending on the package you select). You can check out their packages below:

25 leads and designs – $200/month ($8 per design)

25 leads, designs, and keywords – $300/month ($12 per design)

50 leads and designs – $350/month ($7 per design)

50 leads, designs, and keywords – $500/month ($10 per design)

100 leads and designs – $625/month ($6.25 per design)

100 leads, designs, and keywords – $825/month ($8.25 per design)

And those are the 3 different places I get my designs for Merch by Amazon and the other print on demand sites.



3 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Merch By Amazon T-Shirt Designs?

  • April 15, 2017 at 8:26 am

    I have a question. Are you making enough profit from Merch to get your money back from all these services? The profit per shirt seems so small, I just wonder if it’s worth putting up all these designs and then get like $20 a month or something. Thanks.

  • April 23, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    question about the EPS service. Sounds great – but there is precious little info on their gumroad page – not even a few examples of the kind of designs. They talk about a website where sample designs can be found. I can’t locate that. Do you have any more information on them??
    Thanks in advance.

  • May 15, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    I think with today’s market and with a lot of people doing dropshipping that selling t-shirts is not worth it.


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