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Launching a product on Amazon isn’t exactly a walk in the park. As an entrepreneur, it involves hard work and preparation for you to profit from this venture.

Part of the process is managing the promotions campaign of every Amazon product you launch. Although the prospect of doing so seems exciting, you just don’t have time to do all that.

The goal of every promotions campaign is to drive traffic to your Amazon product listing.

Part of your success as an Amazon seller is how useful your product is. However, your target audience won’t become aware of it unless you run your campaign the right way.

That means:

  • researching for the best keywords
  • scouting your competition
  • generating positive reviews to your product
  • promoting your product listing to the right channels

Like what I said, you can’t promote alone!

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to increase your audience reach without having to spread yourself too thin.

Tools like Zonblast are designed to help you launch your brand and move products fast on Amazon. By making use of these tools, you can stop chasing after leads and focus your attention on getting more sales.

In this Zonblast review, you’ll learn how this automated Amazon promotions tool works. From finding the right keywords for your products to different launch strategies, we’ll let you in on the secret to scaling your Amazon empire with the help of Zonblast.

What is Zonblast?


Before diving deep into the tool, you need to know more about Zonblast.

Launched in 2014 and rebranded as SixLeaf in 2016, Zonblast 3.0 is a launch and optimization platform that has helped countless brands sell their products on Amazon.

We’re not just talking about getting the products out on the marketplace. The platform also helps users develop a foolproof strategy to turn their brands into household names.

Zonblast came into fruition when it was filling out a personal need.

A group of Amazon entrepreneurs got together to address the challenges of launching and scaling brands. After countless theories, case studies, and tests, the group implemented their ideas with other entrepreneurs to help them realize their brands’ full potential.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Zonblast continues to help brands navigate the ever-changing E-commerce landscape. Each tool and service under the SixLeaf brand is designed to address the needs of Amazon sellers. Their goal is to automate the launch process, increase the brand’s exposure while exponentially reducing the learning curve.

With Zonblast, you can become a top Amazon seller in no time!

What are the features of this tool?

Since Zonblast was created by sellers for sellers, every feature is designed to address a specific need. The developers are fully aware of the issues encountered in an Amazon product launch. And they created Zonblast to provide solutions for these issues!

Here are the main features that you can expect from the world’s leading ranking platform.

Keyword Tool

keyword relevancy

No matter what platform you’re doing business on, you must research for the right keywords for your campaign to be successful.

Similar to Google organic search, Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to rank product listing according to keyword search relevance.

To rank on top of Amazon search results, you need to optimize your product listing using keywords with the highest search volume and least competition.

Zonblast’s keyword tool helps you find these keywords by giving you relevant suggestions straight from Amazon data.

The Relevancy + Suggested keywords feature hands you access to hundreds of recommended keywords. From here, you’ll know what search terms to target and use for your product launch.

Keyword Cluster

keyword cluster

When it comes to the type of keywords to optimize your product listing with, long-tail keywords rule supreme.

They have less search volume compared to shorter, head-term keywords. However, they have a higher conversion rate due to the specific nature of the terms.

By ranking on top of Amazon for this search phrase, you can generate more sales for your Amazon business!

The Keyword Cluster makes finding long-tail keywords much more convenient. It doesn’t just allow you to target up to 50 keywords per blast – it also helps you get into the keywords that your competitors may have overlooked.


zonblast 5 blasts

A blast is Zonblast’s term for a promotion and is one of the tool’s cornerstone strategies to gaining traction for a brand. “Blasting” a product means putting your offer in front of hundreds of thousands of customers looking for a good deal.

Zonblast has five types of blasts:

  • Solo blast – gives a product listing a one-time boost. Perfect for sellers with tons of inventory who want to test how well Zonblast will work for their niche.
  • Wave4 – puts a product listing on blast for four consecutive days. A practical solution for sellers who are looking for long-term results.
  • Wave7 – helps both old and new listings gain traction with seven straight days of blasting. Ideal for sellers who want to dominate highly competitive niches.
  • Pulse – feeds the Amazon algorithm what it’s looking for to place your product listings in the top spot. Just set your parameters, and you can leave the system to do the work for you.
  • Custom – allows you to customize blasts based on your goals. Gives you the flexibility to manage your business how you see fit.

Variable Code Distribution

variable code distribution

VCD is a Zonblast feature that lets you distribute as many claim codes as you want on any day during a multi-day promotion.

Handing out coupon codes to prospective buyers helps generate more sales to your new Amazon product. With Zonblast, you can give away the codes in a staggered fashion.

You don’t have to conform to a set amount per day – you can decide how to spread out your codes. This gives you organic results, especially from your pulse and Wave7 blasts.

For instance, you can amp up the codes during peak days and turn it down when interest is low.

When paired with the Heatseeker feature, the Variable Code Distribution feature can be hard to beat.



As if the first version of Heatseeker wasn’t hot enough! With Zonblast 3.5, you get the upgraded HeatSeeker.

This feature feeds the Amazon algorithm in an organic, natural way, allowing brands to rank in competitive niches. It’s the go-to tool for new and old brands alike because it ranks product listings fast and efficiently.


Another powerful feature that is turning sellers’ heads is the Sidewinder. This feature has the ability to allow blasts to spike ranking of any relevant keyword.

The more you blast your product listing, the higher it goes in the rankings!


How does Zonblast work?

Just how well does Zonblast work? Let’s look at two case studies that show how this platform has addressed some pretty complex challenges that most brands face in the Amazon marketplace.

“Making the impossible possible”

In 2017, the brains at Zonblast took on the challenge of entering the extremely saturated weight loss niched with a brand new listing with only two reviews. They targeted a primary keyword that got over 602,000 searches per month.

After performing just two blasts, the product ranked on the first page, landing one of the top three slots. Even after a couple of months after the blasts, the listing remains in the top three and gets a steady stream of 20-30 sales a day. Not bad for a new listing in a highly competitive niche!

After seeing just how effective Zonblast’s promotions strategies are on a new listing, the team decided to try it out on an existing listing of theirs.

This particular listing was in an even more saturated niche (cell phone accessories) with a broad keyword that consistently placed it on page 16. It also didn’t help that most searches in the niche are narrowed down by phone model, making it even more challenging to rank up.

But after just one solo blast, the team was able to rank the listing up to page one, landing one of the top five slots.

And when they tested their strategies on another listing in a reasonably competitive market to ensure that it wasn’t just a lucky break, the listing shot up to top three!

These tests show how practical the Zonblast approach is when targeting competitive niches, whether it’s a brand new listing or an old one.

“Zero to hero”

The next challenge that the team took on was to take an unknown brand with no sales to massive success in just 30 days.

The test subject? Doug Daly’s private label product.

The goal? To make a product in a highly competitive niche profitable in the shortest amount of time possible.

With around 5,000 units of health supplements to sell, the team put Doug’s product on a four-day blast. This sets the product in front of the target audience, and the deals club ate up the offer quickly. After a couple of weeks, sales organically increased despite being in an extremely competitive category.

What’s more, the listing got excellent rankings for all possible search terms – mid and long-tails included!

Exactly one month after the project started, Doug had his first day of $1,000 worth of sales. He had sold more units organically than when he was selling his product on a discount during his Wave.

Today, Doug’s private label business is one of the top earners on Amazon. It just shows that what you give away shouldn’t be considered as a loss. With the right strategy in place, you too can get the same results that Doug had.

So what do these case studies tell you? Simple:

You can’t build an Amazon selling strategy alone.

Even if you have the know-how and the brains to set up the promotions campaigns, you still need to implement it. As the owner of the Amazon business, there’s just bigger fish to fry than putting all your energy on launching the campaign.

Zonblast makes your job more comfortable because it assists you in all aspects of Amazon product launch and promotions. With a few clicks of a button, you can build and deploy your strategy and yield the results. It’s that easy!

New at selling on Amazon? Sign up to get your products in the Amazon marketplace within two weeks!

Zonblast review: Pros and cons

Using tools to make a mark on Amazon, especially those that you need to pay for, can be quite intimidating.

On the one hand, you want to sell as many products as you can. On the other, you want to make sure that you’re not violating the Terms of Service implemented by Amazon.

Zonblast claims to have cracked the code of Amazon’s algorithm so that your products rank on Amazon. But just how well does this tool work? And is the investment worth it?

Let’s go over the pros and cons of the tool:


  • Has backing from Sixleaf – SixLeaf is the one-stop-shop for launching new products and brands. Aside from Zonblast, the SixLeaf Suite gives you access to other tools that will help you grow your brand.
  • Time-tested features that work – The system works just as well as it did when it was launched in 2014. The team at Zonblast has been consistent in keeping up with all the algorithm changes on Amazon.
  • Unlimited inventory – There is no limit on the inventory that you can put on promotion. You can sell as many units as you want for $1 each.
  • Excellent customer support – They’re very responsive to inquiries and requests.
  • Custom promotions strategies at your reach – Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to giveaway strategies, Zonblast can help you figure out what works best for your brand or niche.


  • Cost – Zonblast can be pricey for smaller brands. Rate starts at $347 per month for one product.
  • Works best for brands with plenty of inventory –  You need to be ready to give products away practically. Be prepared to sell x number of units at a highly discounted price to get traction for your business.
  • Unstable – The software can be laggy sometimes. There are occasional minor bugs.

Is Zonblast the right tool for you?

Overall, Zonblast 3.0 is a platform that both rising and veteran Amazon sellers can benefit from. As part of the SixLeaf brand, it gives you all the tools and strategies that you need to launch, rank, and scale your Amazon business.

Zonblast is designed explicitly for sellers who want to learn from the experience of other sellers. Their years of hard work gives you the competitive advantage to build an audience and rank your products, without putting in that much of an effort.

Zonblast has helped countless brands scale their operations and get thousands of products out in public in their five years of operations.

If you’re looking for a complete package built on real-world experience and expertise, and don’t mind the hefty price tag, then you should definitely sign up for Zonblast.


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