20 Ways To Use OAXRay for Online Sourcing




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If you are just getting started with OAXRay or if you are a seasoned professional, most people use it in the same ways.

Go to a store > Search for a niche > Find deals > Repeat

But with all this talk of saturation and the race to the bottom, you have to start thinking outside of the box in order to outwit, outsmart, and outlast the other sellers (yes that was a quote from Survivor).

So how do we do that?

Let me help you get started with a nice little list of ways to use OAXRay that might give you a spark in the right direction (remember when I was talking about a spark yesterday).

  1. Find products that are currently not listed on Amazon and take them to market. All you need to do is scan the same pages you normally would scan and look for those listings that are currently not offered. Then use OAXRay to find the store that has that item at the cheapest price and create your listing.
  2. Use OAX for price matching opportunities. Are you someone who can’t purchase from Target? Well why let that stop you from a great deal? Use OAX to find the lowest advertised price and then contact your store of choice to get the price matched. This is also great if you can find better cash back on a given site or better gift card deals.
  3. Use it to track Amazon price matching. So I just said you can use it for other stores, but if you love AZ to AZ flips, you can use it to your advantage to catch price drops that others might pass up on. If you hover over the Keepa feature, you will see that there is a sharp drop in the chart – That turns what could have been an item to pass on into a great find.
  4. Use it for Retail Arbitrage (RA). In my opinion, this is one of the most under utilized features of OAX. If you are heading out on a huge sourcing trip, why wouldn’t you want a scouting report? Use OAX to pre-scan certain items and save your time (and battery) by knowing which items are going to be a profitable find ahead of time.
  5. Use it to control the supply of a clearance item. You get that nice little email about an upcoming sale and you don’t want to compete with other sellers hopping on the listing. Guess what, you can try to curb this by using OAX to quickly find the deals and then purchase all of the available stock.
  6. Find Merchant Fulfilled (MF) opportunities. I was doing this like crazy during Q4. You can run quick scans of local stores and find items that have a really good margin. Once you find these items, I would place the Site to Store pickup and wait for my confirmation. Once I got it, I would list the item and go get dinner. Once the item sold, I would head to the store and pick it up.
  7. Speed up finding Amazon to Amazon flips. What if you could run a search on Amazon and see all of the Keepa charts at one time. You actually can do that with OAX. If you use the AZ to AZ deal button, you can actually run a search and see it all on one screen (and feel like a badass doing it).
  8. Use it to finish up a day of Retail Arbitrage. Number 4 told you how to use it before you go sourcing, but what if you could follow up a day of sourcing with even more sourcing!? If you found some great deals, it is a perfect opportunity to find even better deals (or more of an item) if you run your products through OAX when you get home.
  9. Use it backwards from Amazon. This is one that I love and use all of the time. If I am curious how someone is making money on a given item, I use OAX to reverse engineer my way to the deal. Instead of opening 40 sites and looking for the same product, I am able to run OAX one time and have all the information at my fingertips.
  10. Use it to spot artificially high sales ranks. Sales ranks rise when there are no sales. Well guess what? If no one is selling the product, sales aren’t going to happen. This is a perfect way to use OAX to find the listings that have no sellers on Amazon and see if you can bring the product back to market.
  11. Train a VA to use it for your all day, everyday. This should be a no brainer, but sometimes people overlook it. If you want someone to search all of the interwebs for deals, then hire someone to do so. You will get to a point where you don’t have enough money for all of the deals!
  12. Finding listings with “no sales rank.” Some people call these “shadow listings,” but I like to call them money making opportunities. These are the items that have no sales ranks, but have a good brand name and a ton of reviews. Most people look right past these items when there is actually a ton of money to be made.
  13. Run wholesale lists through OAX. Why would you spend the time to individually look through a product list from a wholesaler? Simply upload the UPC codes to OAX (via their CSV function) and let OAX do the rest of the work. Not only does this save you time, but it also allows you to leverage opportunities for product listing creation.
  14. Find eBay deals before anyone else. When people make a mistake by listing a product on eBay at a really low Buy It Now price, it goes quick. If you run OAX on that search on eBay, you can quickly buy the listings before anyone else has a chance to grab it up.
  15. Stack coupon codes, gift cards, and cash back sites. You guys know that this is hands down my favorite way to use OAX and I hope you guys love it as much as I do. Remember – you can make more cash on the front end and reduce your buy cost tremendously.
  16. Analyze variations of products. Too many times we see a good deal on one size or color, but don’t really know about the rest of the variations. I love to use the variation analyzer tab at the top to dive into all of the different colors, sizes, and shapes imaginable.
  17. Use it for personal shopping. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure. Use OAX and the methods listed above to be the best deal finder in the world. Have a kid that wants an Easy Bake Over? Move over, OAX can help you find the cheapest store out there.
  18. Use it to search for used products. I have tried this a few times, but there is so much opportunity with this one. You can turn on the “used” feature and start sourcing for used items. I have done this on book sites and it has been mind blowing.
  19. Find Amazon to eBay flips. We just spent a ton of time talking about how you can use this to sell on Amazon, but what if you used it to find items to sell on eBay…….Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
  20. Come up with your own unique way to use it.  Don’t be limited to this list. Take one of the ways listed above, turn it on its head, and create your own amazing sourcing technique.

As you can see, the only limit to your success is yourself. Push yourself to think outside of the box and do what no one else is willing to do. That is where the real money is.

If you would like to get a free 10 day trial of OAXRay, you can do so below (with the big button).

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