A Deep Dive Into Keepa – 4 Week Course

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This course is being offered free of charge, but any money donated will be given to the Sisseton Hope Factory Fundraiser hosted by our very own John Cyscon III. If everyone donated $5, we would exceed their goal and make a huge impact on a community.

This fundraiser helps the town of Sisseton, South Dakota by bringing a semi truck full of fresh food for the community. More information can be found here or a snapshot below:

“So, the last week of June, we are getting a tractor trailer together, filling it with fresh fruits and vegetables that will be donated and purchased from the Chicago International Produce Market, and heading to South Dakota.

Five years ago (our first foray into this new mission) we actually caused a traffic jam of over 100 cars in a town that only has 2500 people. A one lane expressway was essentially shut down, as cars came from miles and miles away in order to share in the generosity of others. We had about 40 volunteers helping unload the truck, all 42,500 pounds of it, box by box, a human assembly line of kindness, faith, and love.”



Free, but any money raised will help the Sisseton Hope Factory Fundraiser

Course Dates:

July 6, 13, 21, and 27 at 8 PM EDT

Course Includes:

4 weeks of live class at 8PM EDT (One might be recorded due to vacation)

Class Topics (All sessions will be recorded and shared with everyone):

July 6 – Understanding the basics of Keepa with Chris Wilkey

Goal of the class: To learn the basic features of Keepa and how they apply to us as Amazon sellers.

July 13 – Using Keepa Charts to Determine If A Deal Is Good or Bad with Chris Wilkey

Goal of the class: Understand the different charts and how to apply they data to deals we find on or off Amazon.

July 21 РFinding AZ to AZ Flips Using Keepa with Chris Wilkey 

Goal of the class: Used correctly, Keepa can give you a ton of leads for Amazon to Amazon flips. In this class, we will dive into the process for that and also expand upon rabbit holes and other AZ to AZ opportunities.

July 27 – Using the Advanced Features of Keepa to Leverage Online Arbitrage Opportunities with Chris Wilkey

Goal of the class: We have covered all of the beginner level information and in this class we are going to cover some advanced ways to use Keepa to analyze deals and find other product sourcing opportunities.

Register Here: https://gum.co/EnGbU

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