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I love when I go on to Facebook and see comments like this:

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Maybe you remember him from this post several months back.  Maybe not, but hopefully you will go read it now, because it is solid advice – the kind that never goes out of style.

Anyway, so many days I get emails from people asking basic questions, things like “how do I grow my business” or “can you really make a living selling on Amazon?”

The first is not exactly a question that can just be answered simply, because it is an ever evolving process.

I use tools like Oaxray  and Tactical Arbitrage to constantly search for items, whenever I have a few minutes.  I do not need to devote 4 hours to sourcing products.  If I have 15 minutes before we go, while my wife is straightening her hair….still…..I can just go scan a few pages on Kohls.  Run a TA report.  Maybe I find something, maybe not, but there is no reason to waste the time if it is sitting there.

I subscribe to and read blogs daily, some fba related, but not all.

Onlinesellingexperiment.com, fulltimefba.com, fbamastery.com, those are a few I read daily and regularly still.  I just ordered the newest book from Peter Valley at fbamastery.com yesterday in fact.

My education on how this business works must continue to grow, if I am to continue to grow.

There are so many ways to source product, from wholesale to retail arbitrage to private label to online arbitrage.  And everyone can be done simultaneously which will grow a business.  It becomes a matter of time/preference/skill as to which people employ.  I personally have my hands in all four, in addition to liquidation, closeouts, and mercy.  So that is part of how I have grown my business.

The second question is much tougher to answer for another person, that is something each of us must answer for ourselves.  The very easy answer is


However, it is not a get rich quick scheme like so many people want to believe.  It is a business, and must be run as such.

It was interesting that as I was writing this blog, in my head, I saw this post on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.23.24 AM

You should definitely check it out, there is a TON of useful info in that thread.  Just click the pic and it will bring you right to the post, so you can see what people tell her.

There are a lot of people that do this full time, and make a good living.

There are a lot of people that do this part time, and make a good living.

But this is a business, and must be run as one.  In the next few weeks, I will focus my posts on different aspects of the business.  Because there are a lot of technical aspects that get glossed over, and people just wait till later to fix and focus on.

I am by no means the one with all the answers, however, this does pay my mortgage each month.  As well as some other bad ass stuff lol.

It is a very specific kind of freedom lifestyle that I am allowed through selling on FBA, through growing my business, through busting my tail to learn the basics and then improve from there.

And if I can help one other person realize this is possible, then it is worth every minute.


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