5 Things You Can Do This Week To Improve Your Knowledge As An Amazon Seller – June 22, 2016




This style of post was extremely well received last week, so I decided to do it again this week (of course with new things).

Here’s how it will go from now on:

  1. I will provide you with a list of blogs, books, articles, videos, etc that can help you improve your knowledge as an Amazon seller.
  2. You will try your best to take some time to actually sit back and learn.
  3. Then we will repeat each week

Sound easy doesn’t it? That’s exactly what I hope this to be!


Item #1 – Amazon Repricing Pros and Cons by Ryan Grant

If you haven’t noticed, there is a new feature that Amazon has added to Seller Central over the past few weeks. It’s their version of a repricer such as Bqool. Although it is a free service for sellers, you need to be educated before you just hop on the bandwagon. Ryan Grant, from the Online Selling Experiment, does a great job laying out the pros and the cons of this service. It is well worth the read.

Read the entire post from Ryan here: http://www.onlinesellingexperiment.com/amazon-automate-pricing-overview-and-pros-cons/


Item #2 – Kohl’s Shopping Hacks

I saw this one posted in the FBA Master Facebook group and it is too good not to share. If you source at Kohl’s, this is a great article for you to know the ends and outs of the pricing system.

Read the article here: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/store-hacks/27-genius-accurate-kohls-coupons-shopping-hacks/ 


Item #3 – Mercari

I have been selling on this new platform for a few months and I am in love. The listing process is extremely easy and the shipping is extremely advantageous if you are shipping large items. My dad, Jason Wilkey, did a little video explaining the advantages over eBay and Amazon.


Item #4 – Mike Garner’s Advice

As much as I like to make fun of my counterparts here on FBA Master (John and Mike), I have to say that they teach me at least one (if not more) new thing each week. Last week, I actually put some of the advice into action and ended up saving almost $200 on my freezer repair. If you haven’t read it already, make sure to check out this post:

10 Tips To Get What You Want


Item #5 – The Future of OAXRay

I’m not sure if you had the opportunity to be a part of our FREE live class during May, but during our last session, we got a sneak peak into the future plans of OAXRay. I have to say I was extremely impressed and I think there are some features that will blow your socks off. I would recommend watching the session and keeping an eye out for the features to be released over the upcoming months.

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