Snagshout Review: Launch and Sell Your Amazon Products the Right Way




While Amazon has become a one-stop shop for shoppers, it’s also become a highly competitive marketplace for sellers.

In a marketplace that welcomed over a million new sellers last year, closing your first sale can be tough.

Gone are the days when you can just dive in and start selling. No matter how amazing or life-changing your product is, you can’t just wing it anymore. You need to work on a selling strategy.

A quick search will show countless Amazon businesses selling similar or the exact same products as you.

So, the work doesn’t stop with selecting your product line. You need to experiment with different tools that can help you beat the competition.

However, you really don’t have to play around with different tools. All you probably need is just one. And that tool’s name? Snagshout.

In this Snagshout review, we will see how the tool can help you generate more sales for your products using its key features. Also, we will discuss whether the tool is something that you should invest in if you want to grow your Amazon business.

What is Snagshout?

There are two sides to Snagshout.

First is the deals side that connects savvy shoppers with brands on Amazon.

It gives shoppers a chance to snag the best Amazon deals by offering them a promo code that they can use on specific product listings. From trendy fashion pieces to the latest electronic devices, Snagshout lets you enjoy amazing products at a fraction of the cost.

The second, and what we will be discussing in this post, is the Merchant side.

snagshout review

This is where Amazon businesses can properly launch their product campaigns using different useful tools guaranteed to generate more sales.

So, you see, Snagshout is more than just a fun way to save money off deals. It’s a full-fledged platform that will help you improve your conversion rate and get more reviews for your products on Amazon!

Seller Labs, a SaaS company composed of a group of sellers who have been running successful online stores since 2007, runs Snagshout.

Features of Snagshout

Thanks to Snagshout, you can hang with the best Amazon sellers and make some serious cash.

The tool helps you find ways to rake in more sales without resorting to underhanded tactics. Below are some of the ways Snagshout can help your Amazon business:

Campaign creation

Campaign creation makes it easy for you to design and execute Snagshout campaigns. All you have to do is choose a product listing, fill out the form, and let Snagshout do the work for you.

Keyword Boost

Keyword Boost allows you to target keywords that you want your product listings to rank for on Amazon. By using the keyword boost feature, you can get your listings to rank for competitive keywords.

Just like Google, Amazon has its own search algorithm that allows shoppers to quickly find what they’re looking for. For your products to have a higher chance of being found by your target market, you need to use relevant keywords. By optimizing your product listings with the right keywords, your brand will be at the top of the results page when your target market starts searching.

Although similar in principle, the Amazon algorithm works differently than Google’s algorithm. For one, Amazon’s algorithm is primarily designed to sell products so more weight is placed on sales volume rather than keyword repetition. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the rank on the search results page.

Review Boost

Positive reviews are the lifeblood of Amazon sellers. In fact, social proof is the one single factor that could make or break your e-commerce business.

According to experts, 70% of consumers read online reviews before they decide to buy something. Without it, it will be difficult to convince shoppers to buy your products.

This reason alone is what makes Snagshout’s Review Boost all the more valuable!

You can leverage the power of user-generated content by reaching out to customers who are willing to leave reviews for your Amazon product.

The key is collecting as many positive reviews about your product before the initial launch. This way, you can build enough hype around your products so you can sell more effectively once you do release it to the public.

The review will serve as proof that the product is indeed awesome. The more positive reviews you collect during this period, the more sales you can generate during your launch.

Landing Pages

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stand out from the competition is to give your shoppers something that they can’t refuse. Promos like lightning deals won’t just get you more traffic, and eventually more sales. It will also lead to more verified amazon reviews.

Creating a landing page where people can get a coupon code for your product is a foolproof way to attract more customers to your Amazon store. As long as you write your product descriptions and advertise your offer clearly, your target market will snag your coupons quickly. It also depends on how much discount they can get from the coupon.

This feature also gives you the option to create a dedicated landing page for your product. You can use your landing page URL to promote your campaign via your social media accounts and email list.

Email Shoppers

There’s no denying that email is one of the best promotional channels for e-commerce business.

It’s a great way to keep your customers and subscribers updated with the latest news, deals, and promos for your business.

Using Snagshout, you not only can send emails straight to their inbox for updates but also reminders to review the product on Amazon to field in more positive reviews.

This feature works best with the Landing Page feature of the tool. Once they sign up on the landing page to receive the coupon code, they need to give you their email addresses first. Once the email is verified, you now have permission to send them emails to push for your latest products.

How much does Snagshout cost?

snagshout pricing

Pricing for a Snagshout pro plan starts at $99 per month. This allows you to run five campaigns and host five videos every month. The plan also includes unlimited landing pages and access to Snagshout tools like keyword boost and review builder. It also gives you the option to send out an email blast about your campaign to all Snagshout shoppers.

All plans, from pro to ultra, offer live chat support so you can quickly get a hold of their customer service team any time.

How can you use Snagshout to sell more on Amazon?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to put into your listings for them to be seen? Don’t worry, because with Snagshout, executing these techniques is a lot easier than you think.

Getting started on Snagshout is pretty easy once you’ve signed up for a business account. After picking out a subscription plan, you can then start working on your first campaign. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide that will show just how easy it is to sell more on Snagshout.

Step 1: Click on the “New Campaign” button on your Snagshout dashboard. Select “Snagshout campaign” and choose the product listing that you want to feature.

Step 2: Enter all the product details that you want shoppers to know about your listing. Make sure to write a compelling description, complete with relevant keywords. Feel free to add more images to your campaign.

Step 3: Decide how much discount you’re willing to give. You can choose between “percentage off” or “money off”. Make sure to put your current price so that shoppers don’t flag your listing for incorrect pricing.

Step 4: Set your campaign’s start and end date and choose a coupon code type. Set a limit on the number of coupon codes that can be redeemed in a day.

create campaign on snagshout

Step 5: Set up an email followup that people will receive upon claiming your coupon codes. Choose when and where they will receive the templated email.

email followup snagshout

Step 6: Set up the Keyword Boost tool for your campaign. Enter the single word phrase that you want your product page to appear on.

keyword boost snagshout

Step 7: Hit “save and publish” and wait for Snagshout to notify you once your campaign goes live!

edit snagshout

Step 8: Check the process of your campaign to see how many people claimed the coupon code.

campaign stats snagshout

The pros and cons of Snagshout

To keep this review as objective as possible, let’s go through Snagshout’s major pros and cons.


  • Snagshout has an affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn more by referring customers to sign up. Promote Snagshout on your social media accounts and you’ll get a commission for every successful sign-up.
  • Merchants can add more photos to their campaigns via the Advanced editor without having to edit the original price listing on Amazon. No need to go through the tedious process of editing your Amazon listing if you only need to add more images to your campaign.
  • There are currently no restrictions on the number of units you can offer in your campaign. You can put up as many units as you can afford at a discount.


  • Members who aren’t prime members might have to pay shipping costs for their snagged deals. There are some cases where the shipping costs more than the actual item.
  • Only merchants and shoppers on Amazon US can create and snag deals from Snagshout. The team hasn’t given updates as to whether Snagshout will be available internationally.
  • Snagshout only allows 20% discount at the minimum. If you offer less, your campaign won’t be approved.

Snagshout reviews: What’s our verdict?

So is Snagshout worth it? Here’s our honest review:

If you’re a new online seller looking to grow your business fast, then Snagshout is worth a try. Snagshout will put your product in front of thousands of shoppers, giving you the chance to move your inventory fast. It’s a great way to promote your brand and products without having to give them away for free.

Since Snagshout is an automated system, you don’t have to keep close tabs on what’s happening with your campaigns. Simply create a campaign and wait for the orders to roll in. All you have to do is watch the action from your dashboard.

Interested to know more about how Snagshout can help you shout your brand to your target market? Make sure to check out the Snagshout merchants FAQ.

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