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So if you have been watching my live streams in our Facebook group (if not, you should), I have talked about the process I have been using over the past 3 weeks to increase my sales and profit levels on Merch by Amazon.

Let’s face it. There are two different ways to increase your profit levels on Merch by Amazon (thanks to Micheal Essek for breaking it down the other day).

1 – Create and upload more designs.

2 – Sell your current designs at a higher price or at a higher volume.

When you think about it, it makes sense. You either increase your offerings, increase your price, or increase your sales.

With point 1 (creating and uploading more designs), we have already covered ways to outsource your designs work in this post and in this post (Micheal Essek has another great post right here). It’s pretty straightforward. You either spend the time creating new designs or you pay for someone else to create them for you. I choose to outsource my design work, but you can do what ever fits in your business model.

The whole idea can be explained like this:

Imagine you are fishing and you threw one line into the lake. You literally are hoping that a fish happens to come across the line and bites. You only have one shot (don’t miss your chance to blow for all those 8 Mile fans out there).

Now imagine if you threw 100 different lines in different areas of the lake. You now have 100 different opportunities to get a bite and catch a fish.


The same thing holds true for Merch by Amazon designs. The more you throw out there, the more likely you are to get sales.

That brings me to my next point.

Anyone who has been fishing knows that you need to put bait on the line in order to attract fish to bite.

Sounds like common sense, but we as online sellers tend to forget this.

Including myself.

Back in July of last year, I started uploading a ton of Merch by Amazon designs with nothing more than a price and title. I was trying my best to cast as many lines as humanly possible and in this hustle and bustle, I forgot to put the bait on each line.

I was not utilizing the bullet points and descriptions for my Merch by Amazon listings. I was casting my lines without any bait.

The crazy part was that I was still catching a few sales (fish) without any bait.

And that right there was the problem.

Since I was making a few sales, I didn’t worry about reeling the line in and putting some bait on it. I figured that I would just leave it and hope for the best.

That was until I started to bait all my lines.

With the addition of my newest designer, I wanted to give my designs the best chance possible to succeed. So I spent the time to write descriptive titles, bullet points, and descriptions. I figured that this method was a best practice for blogging or internet advertising, so I should use my knowledge to take advantage of these features of my Merch by Amazon account.

And guess what?

From my small test size (200 designs), I got some pretty amazing results. My designs were selling at a faster rate and I was selling the at a higher price point. I was able to double my weekly profit in just under a month and it is continuing to rise each week.

Since this has worked so well, I have gone back and added bullet points and descriptions to my best selling designs (that didn’t already have them) and have seen some great results as well.

The concept is a pretty simple one to understand.

People must be able to find your design in order to buy it.

Since Amazon doesn’t search by images, you have to use text to describe the image.

You have to bait the line to attract attention.

So I challenge you to look at your designs and make sure you have them baited. You will be surprised on the impact a few words can make.

Bonus points if you can use some keywords to actually help create designs – My dad wrote a great blog post here that can help you with that.


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