4-ish Tips to Help You Succeed In Q4




At this point you are swimming in the swirling waters of Q4.

My sales have started to heat up. Nothing extraordinary yet, but they are definitely starting to rise. Items I priced high a few months ago and waited out are rewarding me for patience.

I can feel the magic happening.

If you have been through even two Q4’s, you have the experience that all but ensures success. One Q4 is likely not enough info, because there is no way you are prepared for the sales velocity you hear us all talking about.

Hell, this is my 4th, and I still have NO idea what will happen!

First, here is what I wrote LAST YEAR on Q4, and everything holds as true today as it did then.

After you read that one, let me know so we can start with today’s.

GREAT, now lets get started with some tips for Q4 success!


1. Buy stuff

This statement should go without saying, seeing as you cannot sell from an empty pushcart.

14954552_10210999243877015_1628354402_oHowever, as stated last year, everything really does sell. Today alone I bought 8 lego sets, 24 toy trucks, 2 cases of ovulation tests, 16 boxes of books from a wholesaler, and 6 carts from target. Oh, and roughly 200 boxes of cereal.

My point is not to say I bought more or less than anyone else, because I know my place. I am not the largest nor the smallest seller, and I never will be either. However, I am a seller who makes a living, and am humbly comfortable in my place of Amazon existence.

The reason I am telling you is so you can see that everything will sell, some toys, some books, some games, some ovulation kits, and some food. It doesn’t matter all year long, profit comes in all categories and sizes and shapes. And it certainly doesn’t matter in December.

So buy stuff!

2. Optimize your workflow


You can work here.


“If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes.” – Crystal Paine

This can mean many things, and a few moments of your life spent getting organized can add days of productivity and freedom to your bottom line.


Get your workplace in order.

Never run out of supplies. That is bush league.

  1. Tape
  2. Boxes
  3. Stickers and labels (do not separate, sold as set, shipping and item stickers)
  4. Poly-bags
  5. Caffeine

Make sure your necessities are in place. You do not want to be packing and run out of tape. If you do, you waste an un-replacable amount of time. So get your poop together.

Work smarter.

If you are organized you can ship your stuff out quicker, and get it in stock quicker, and get sales quicker, and get paid quicker…..see the pattern?

3. Remember what Q4 really is about

This seems counterintuitive, at least initially.

Obviously I cannot speak for everyone, but take a minute to think about how and why you got into this business. I doubt anyone really stumbled in here because they had no other choice than to be an FBA seller. Because….you know….you could have gotten a job instead.

For me, I started selling as a side hobby, and it grew into a full time income. The reason I pursued it as a full salary was because I wanted more control over my hours, my schedule, my life. I might have mentioned it here a few years ago.

Q4 is an amazing time as an Amazon seller.

However, it is because of my family that we (because really, reselling is a family business NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY) are in the business.


I do not want to get up and shop all day on Thanksgiving, or pack so much I miss the long weekend (I mean yes, mine are all as long as I want them to be, but you get my point).

So just take a minute in your fourth quarter prep, and your 4th qtr hustle, to step back and remember why you are here, and why you do what you do.

4. Don’t go for the stuff everyone else goes for if you have weak gastrointestinal system

This one is tricky.

Last year, every seller on Amazon was aware of Pie Face, and there have been blogs and Facebook posts (here is Garner’s take) discussing it.

If you were weak or easily influenced by sharp stomach pain (re: fear and price crashing) you may have dabbled in it, and sold at lower than needed based on worry. Because you went where everyone went, and were not able to handle the stress and fear of a price getting lower, or an insane number of sellers. If this is you, stay away from trends and items that other sellers chase.

For example, this year it could be Speak Out. Stay away if it worries you.

There are plenty of items and categories to sell in, BESIDES TOYS & GAMES.

Anyway, listen.

Here’s the deal.

Fourth quarter is magical, and incredibly fun.

But it is also a lot of work. I have prepped and packed over 1000 items today, and UPS will be annoyed tomorrow.

(Actually he won’t care at all, because he gets hooked up to the max).

In fact, we are going with number 5. This just popped up, and fits.

5. Take care of people who help you all year

It takes a group trudging through the mud together to make this happen all year long.


There is no rule that says you need to wait until actual Christmas to tip your driver/postal worker/favorite cashier at target/etc.

And be creative. If you are building a good relationship with people all year, you will know some interests and likes. I know my driver’s favorite restaurant, and he has already gotten a few gift cards for there this year. I do not have to wait till Christmas, nor do I.

That being said, I will be nice right now as well.

Read this for more suggestions.


Now I am done.

You are ready for Q4.

Before you realize it, you will be sourcing for Back to School season.


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